Per­haps my favorite night of our time in Vegas was Mon­day, when we escaped to the Strip for a bit of cul­ture… ear­li­er this month, Cirque de Soleil opened at the MGM Grand, so we fig­ured, why not check it out?

We “splurged” for the cheap seats at $100 a pop. Steep, to be sure, but that still got us a decent view, cup-hold­ers and speak­ers that were inte­grat­ed into the head­rests. Pret­ty cool…

This show was unlike any the­atri­cal expe­ri­ence I’ve ever had—to start, there is no stage… or rather, the stage ris­es ver­ti­cal­ly, spins, floats and dis­ap­pears, (made pos­si­ble by hydraulics). The actors work above a mas­sive emp­ty “pit”, (an abyss into which count­less actors fall), per­form­ing an aston­ish­ing com­bi­na­tion of mar­tial-arts, the famil­iar Cirque acro­bat­ics, and even an amaz­ing baton-twirling number.

This was all incred­i­bly exe­cut­ed, but what tied all of this togeth­er into a tru­ly mag­i­cal illu­sion, were the light­ing and visu­al pro­jec­tions… absolute­ly un-real.

$200 mil­lion can buy you an eye-full…

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