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Backups, Part III

Hur­rah! Con­tin­u­ing the saga, I was search­ing through the Déjà Vu help, I stum­bled upon this lit­tle nugget of infor­ma­tion:

IMPORTANT: If you are back­ing up to a Win­dows serv­er, you must use the ‘Con­nect’ but­ton in the ‘Auto-Con­nect’ tab to mount the vol­ume before you select the source and des­ti­na­tion fold­ers (in the ‘What’ and ‘Where’ columns). If you select the source and des­ti­na­tion fold­ers when the vol­ume has been mount­ed by the Find­er, Déj? Vu will not be able to find the des­ti­na­tion when it auto-con­nects to the vol­ume at back­up time.

No kid­ding. I did as asked, and 30 sec­onds lat­er, I’m back­ing up to the WinXP box in the clos­et. Effort­less

Thanks to every­one who sug­gest­ed alter­nate solu­tions — this is real­ly the best and sim­plest for my needs. Yea, it’ll take for­ev­er over the Wire­less “G” net­work, but I’ve got it sched­uled for 3am, once a week. Should be okay.

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About” update

Con­tin­u­ing with the site refresh­es, I final­ly pared down and updat­ed my about page.

Gone are the sil­ly teenage quizes, and links to bands that I no longer enjoy.

No big whoop… just had to do it.

To Integrate, or not to Integrate…

Matt Haugh­ey and Dave Shea have an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion going, con­cern­ing the inte­gra­tion of posts, dai­ly links, and flickr pho­tos into sin­gle feeds, and why this sucks.

I’ve heard some grum­blings a while back about my deci­sion to fold my dai­ly links into my main blog. (Mr. Yovanoff, I’m look­ing at you…) But, I still feel that a post is a post is a post. Hav­ing “dailies” appear inline with oth­er con­tent not only pro­vides deep­er con­text, but it also moti­vates me to write about oth­er top­ics.

Per­haps I will research a method to strip out my posts (by MT cat­e­go­ry?), and pro­vide a feed sans links.

Backups, Part II

My sched­uled back­up did­n’t go so well, the oth­er night. Appar­ent­ly, Déjà Vu copied the fold­er struc­ture, but could­n’t copy the files.

Obvi­ous­ly there is some kind of per­mis­sions issue here, but I’m won­der­ing if this is due to the fact that I’m copy­ing to a Win­dows PC… The app con­nects to the remote dri­ve just fine, and I can man­u­al­ly copy files to it — I just can’t seem to get this to work, though.

I’ll have to do a lit­tle more research (leave a com­ment if you have an idea!)… or else, on to rsync.

UPDATE: Ethan sug­gests Chrono­Sync:

I tried to be a good geek. I tried to like rsync — lord knows, I tried to like rsync.

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