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Hopeless Friend

“hopeless friend”, posted by nedward

Presley is in nyc for a conference, but that didn’t stop me from leaving the house last night. I caught Graham Coxon, former guitarist for a little britpop outfit called Blur.

I love Graham’s new album, Happiness in Magazines, and was delighted to find out that he also puts on a hell of a show, for such a shy guy. His vocals especially were quite strong, though he freaked out and stopped in the middle of a song because the lighting guy put a spot on him…

My first Blur show was in March of ’97, in the Middle East Downstairs, when I was a freshmen (yikes) in college. Rivers Cuomo was hanging out at the bar, Damon soaked me with water from his many bottles, and Graham mostly sulked in the corner, strumming veraciously. That was the best concert I have ever seen.

Seeing Graham kind of makes me wish he was still in Blur, and they were still playing little clubs…

Some old posts about Blur and related projects:

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Steak Salad

steak saladI watched a bit of FoodTV on Sunday, and suffered through Rachael Ray and her awful accent and mannerisms… I’ve never once wanted to eat anything she cooks, because she annoys me so much.

But after Rachael, a delightful woman came on, who I’ve never seen before: Giada De Laurentiis, and she apparently cooks Italian. Sure, she’s hot, but the production values on this show are a little more modern, (think Nigella), with nice lighting and editing.

The show was so pleasant to watch, I ended up cooking her Steak Salad for Presley and I last night. I went a little overboard on the Gorgonzola, but I really love the creamy taste. And, you can never have too much cheese, right?

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A Club Sandwich without bacon, is not a Club Sandwich.

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  • The Boston Globe (sic) reports on a successful Craigslist “missed connection”
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MAMP: Mac, Apache, Mysql & PHP

When I’m designing and building a website, I dread the point where I’ll have to shift from working locally, to working on the server. Once the initial layout and CSS is done, it’s time to start scripting with PHP, and pulling content in from MySQL databases — and time to fire up ye olde FTP. This constant uploading is frustrating, and gives me carpal tunnel

I’ve always known that it was possible to set up PHP & MySQL locally, as Mac OSX has the Apache web server built-in… but, that always seemed like such a hassle. After a few minutes of tinkering, I’d throw my hands up and think, wouldn’t it be helpful if someone put together an easy install package?

Well, somebody has… MAMP promises to be my salvation:

MAMP installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your Mac OS X computer, be it PowerBook or iMac. Like similar packages from the Windows- and Linux-world, MAMP comes free of charge.

This should speed things up considerably, and allow me to work without an internet connection… on the plane, in the park, etc.

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Well, it’s official — the worst kept secret around, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo!, and was announced on the Flickr Blog:

bq. Holy smokes, SOMEBODY out there is bad at keeping secrets!! Yes! We can finally confirm that Yahoo has made a definitive agreement to acquire Flickr and us, Ludicorp. Smack the tattlers and pop the champagne corks!

My initial reaction, as an avid Flickr user, is very wait-and-see. Despite the occasional downtimes, I’ve been impressed by how they’ve managed to scale up, as the site has grown exponentially. But obviously, there comes a point where a Yahoo! can really help.

What I’m worried about most, was only slightly deflected in Caterina’s post — it’s not that Yahoo! will get “flickrized”, but that Flickr would end up “Yahooed!”:

Yahoo Photos will get a lot of Flickr features, and there are alot of other areas around Yahoo that will also be Flickrized where Flickrization would be good.

That’s not reassuring… I guess we’ll wait-and-see.

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Another Quality Afternoon at Saab City

I spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon today sitting in the dealership, watching the snow come down in buckets, waiting for my car to get it’s new wheels. 2 new rims, and 4 new tires…

But watching all of this snow got me daydreaming about nicer weather, and all that it entails… grilling, scooting, the beach. And, as long as we’re daydreaming, how about this $40,000 convertible?

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Hot Hot Heat

“Hot Hot Heat”, posted by nedward

Pet peeve for the day: How can Axis call itself a night club when it begins shows at 6:45pm and ends them by 9:30pm? Isn’t that just an evening club?

We went to see Hot Hot Heat on monday night, but due to the early show-time, managed to miss Louis XIV, and their lady-killer hit anthem, Finding out True Love is Blind (iTunes).

As for HHH, they’ve “blossomed” into full blown rock stars since we last saw them. When singer/keyboardist Steve Bays walked out with a teased up white-boy afro, I decided this would be my last HHH show. We’ll have to see about catching Louis XIV again, sometime.

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Dear Leader @ The Paradise

“the room”, posted by nedward

Dear Leader started as a side project for x-Sheila Divine singer Aaron Perrino, but now is a fleshed-out band that includes musicians from past Boston bands such as Tugboat Annie, Orbit, and Cheerleadr…

Presley and I used to be Sheilas junkies, so I’m not sure any Dear Leader show could even come close, but it was a fun night. The opening band was Taxpayer.

(Also, we ran into Jim Gilbert in the crowd, and he remembered both our names… quelle suprise!)

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