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Hopeless Friend

hopeless friend”, posted by nedward

Pres­ley is in nyc for a con­fer­ence, but that did­n’t stop me from leav­ing the house last night. I caught Gra­ham Cox­on, for­mer gui­tarist for a lit­tle brit­pop out­fit called Blur.

I love Gra­ham’s new album, Hap­pi­ness in Mag­a­zines, and was delight­ed to find out that he also puts on a hell of a show, for such a shy guy. His vocals espe­cial­ly were quite strong, though he freaked out and stopped in the mid­dle of a song because the light­ing guy put a spot on him…

My first Blur show was in March of ’97, in the Mid­dle East Down­stairs, when I was a fresh­men (yikes) in col­lege. Rivers Cuo­mo was hang­ing out at the bar, Damon soaked me with water from his many bot­tles, and Gra­ham most­ly sulked in the cor­ner, strum­ming vera­cious­ly. That was the best con­cert I have ever seen.

See­ing Gra­ham kind of makes me wish he was still in Blur, and they were still play­ing lit­tle clubs…

Some old posts about Blur and relat­ed projects:

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Steak Salad

steak saladI watched a bit of FoodTV on Sun­day, and suf­fered through Rachael Ray and her awful accent and man­ner­isms… I’ve nev­er once want­ed to eat any­thing she cooks, because she annoys me so much.

But after Rachael, a delight­ful woman came on, who I’ve nev­er seen before: Gia­da De Lau­ren­ti­is, and she appar­ent­ly cooks Ital­ian. Sure, she’s hot, but the pro­duc­tion val­ues on this show are a lit­tle more mod­ern, (think Nigel­la), with nice light­ing and editing.

The show was so pleas­ant to watch, I end­ed up cook­ing her Steak Sal­ad for Pres­ley and I last night. I went a lit­tle over­board on the Gor­gonzo­la, but I real­ly love the creamy taste. And, you can nev­er have too much cheese, right?

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A Club Sand­wich with­out bacon, is not a Club Sand­wich.

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  • The Boston Globe (sic) reports on a suc­cess­ful Craigslist “missed connection”
    (cat­e­gories: media web)

MAMP: Mac, Apache, Mysql & PHP

When I’m design­ing and build­ing a web­site, I dread the point where I’ll have to shift from work­ing local­ly, to work­ing on the serv­er. Once the ini­tial lay­out and CSS is done, it’s time to start script­ing with PHP, and pulling con­tent in from MySQL data­bas­es — and time to fire up ye olde FTP. This con­stant upload­ing is frus­trat­ing, and gives me carpal tun­nel

I’ve always known that it was pos­si­ble to set up PHP & MySQL local­ly, as Mac OSX has the Apache web serv­er built-in… but, that always seemed like such a has­sle. After a few min­utes of tin­ker­ing, I’d throw my hands up and think, would­n’t it be help­ful if some­one put togeth­er an easy install package?

Well, some­body has… MAMP promis­es to be my salvation:

MAMP installs a local serv­er envi­ron­ment in a mat­ter of sec­onds on your Mac OS X com­put­er, be it Power­Book or iMac. Like sim­i­lar pack­ages from the Win­dows- and Lin­ux-world, MAMP comes free of charge.

This should speed things up con­sid­er­ably, and allow me to work with­out an inter­net con­nec­tion… on the plane, in the park, etc.

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Well, it’s offi­cial — the worst kept secret around, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo!, and was announced on the Flickr Blog:

bq. Holy smokes, SOMEBODY out there is bad at keep­ing secrets!! Yes! We can final­ly con­firm that Yahoo has made a defin­i­tive agree­ment to acquire Flickr and us, Ludi­corp. Smack the tat­tlers and pop the cham­pagne corks!

My ini­tial reac­tion, as an avid Flickr user, is very wait-and-see. Despite the occa­sion­al down­times, I’ve been impressed by how they’ve man­aged to scale up, as the site has grown expo­nen­tial­ly. But obvi­ous­ly, there comes a point where a Yahoo! can real­ly help.

What I’m wor­ried about most, was only slight­ly deflect­ed in Cateri­na’s post — it’s not that Yahoo! will get “flick­rized”, but that Flickr would end up “Yahooed!”:

Yahoo Pho­tos will get a lot of Flickr fea­tures, and there are alot of oth­er areas around Yahoo that will also be Flick­rized where Flick­riza­tion would be good.

That’s not reas­sur­ing… I guess we’ll wait-and-see.

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Another Quality Afternoon at Saab City

I spent the morn­ing and a good part of the after­noon today sit­ting in the deal­er­ship, watch­ing the snow come down in buck­ets, wait­ing for my car to get it’s new wheels. 2 new rims, and 4 new tires…

But watch­ing all of this snow got me day­dream­ing about nicer weath­er, and all that it entails… grilling, scoot­ing, the beach. And, as long as we’re day­dream­ing, how about this $40,000 con­vert­ible?

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Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat”, posted by nedward

Pet peeve for the day: How can Axis call itself a night club when it begins shows at 6:45pm and ends them by 9:30pm? Isn’t that just an evening club?

We went to see Hot Hot Heat on mon­day night, but due to the ear­ly show-time, man­aged to miss Louis XIV, and their lady-killer hit anthem, Find­ing out True Love is Blind (iTunes).

As for HHH, they’ve “blos­somed” into full blown rock stars since we last saw them. When singer/keyboardist Steve Bays walked out with a teased up white-boy afro, I decid­ed this would be my last HHH show. We’ll have to see about catch­ing Louis XIV again, some­time.

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Dear Leader @ The Paradise

the room”, posted by nedward

Dear Leader start­ed as a side project for x‑Sheila Divine singer Aaron Per­ri­no, but now is a fleshed-out band that includes musi­cians from past Boston bands such as Tug­boat Annie, Orbit, and Cheerleadr…

Pres­ley and I used to be Sheilas junkies, so I’m not sure any Dear Leader show could even come close, but it was a fun night. The open­ing band was Tax­pay­er.

(Also, we ran into Jim Gilbert in the crowd, and he remem­bered both our names… quelle suprise!)

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