Presley was busy studying tonight (damn MBA school), so I figured I’d check out a movie. But what to see? An Oscar winner? Aviator? Million Dollar Baby? nah.

Since I enjoy reading religious texts, I thought I’d check out the latest Keanu movie, Constantine. From the trailer, I thought it looked cheesy, but chock full of demons, and the occult… fun on a wednesday night, right?

Well, yea… it was fun. Despite what the New Yorker might think:

Constantine turns Catholic doctrine, ritual, and iconograph into schlock… Imagine Jewish version of the spectacle–Angel, starring Vin Diesel, in which God’s messenger stays Abraham’s hand in mid-sacrifice and then earns His approval by lowering himself into cursed pharaonic tombs with tied-together prayer shawls. In a Hindu version–Vishnu, with Nicolas Cage–Shiva unleashes his snakes on the outskirts of Poughkeepsie and starts a war between truck drivers and apple pickers.

Oh, you’re no fun Mr. Denby…

Then again, my particular religious interests tend toward “heretical” Christian texts, such as the Gnostic gospels, so I suppose I’m not as concerned about protecting the Faith.

If Constantine whets your appetite for all things devilish, I’d recommend reading Elaine Pagels’ monograph, The Origin of Satan… oh, and it’s nothing like the movie.

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