Xmas in February

I posted some photos from this past weekend… Kim was kind enough to invite us to a Xmas in February party. The food was terrific, and the Yankee Swap fun, (though it feels weird in February).

I love the Mustache poses: one two three four

The night before, (no photos, thank god), Kimberly decided it would be good to punch me in the face with her ring, leaving a bloody scratch… it seems to be almost healed, but my god I’m tired of the awkward moments at work, when they ask what happened. ;-)

2 Responses to “Xmas in February”

  • To get it straight, Ned, I did not punch you. If I had, there would have been a bit more drama involved – if that is even possible!

    I scratched your eyeball out with my talons because I wanted to show you the pictures.

    As I said about a ba-jillion times, I am sorry to scratch your eye out.

    I hope you are feeling better – and you could have just blamed it on the cat or something like that, which would make it sound like what it was – domestic abuse!

    Are we still broken up? ;)

  • yah yah yah… i know you’re sorry. it is almost healed.

    At least I’m not “this guy”:http://www.big-boys.com/articles/beatdown.html.

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