Dear Leader @ The Paradise

“the room”, posted by nedward

Dear Leader started as a side project for x-Sheila Divine singer Aaron Perrino, but now is a fleshed-out band that includes musicians from past Boston bands such as Tugboat Annie, Orbit, and Cheerleadr…

Presley and I used to be Sheilas junkies, so I’m not sure any Dear Leader show could even come close, but it was a fun night. The opening band was Taxpayer.

(Also, we ran into Jim Gilbert in the crowd, and he remembered both our names… quelle suprise!)

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  • I heart Sheila Divine…at least I did before Aaron had to pretend like he was better than everyone else in the band and go off on his own. I’d definitely be interested in catching a show when Dear Leader plays again! Let me know.

    The band used to drink at Bukowski’s all the time…but I haven’t seen them there in quite awhile…go figure.

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