Hot Hot Heat

“Hot Hot Heat”, posted by nedward

Pet peeve for the day: How can Axis call itself a night club when it begins shows at 6:45pm and ends them by 9:30pm? Isn’t that just an evening club?

We went to see Hot Hot Heat on monday night, but due to the early show-time, managed to miss Louis XIV, and their lady-killer hit anthem, Finding out True Love is Blind (iTunes).

As for HHH, they’ve “blossomed” into full blown rock stars since we last saw them. When singer/keyboardist Steve Bays walked out with a teased up white-boy afro, I decided this would be my last HHH show. We’ll have to see about catching Louis XIV again, sometime.

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  • I thought the big surprise of the night was all of the screaming girls.

    The ‘fro through me, but when everyone within 10 feet of the stage stuck a finger in the air and twirled it to the beat of “around, and round, and round, and round…” I almost spit my $9 jack and ginger on the dolled up 16 year old in front of me.

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