Well, it’s offi­cial — the worst kept secret around, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo!, and was announced on the Flickr Blog:

bq. Holy smokes, SOMEBODY out there is bad at keep­ing secrets!! Yes! We can final­ly con­firm that Yahoo has made a defin­i­tive agree­ment to acquire Flickr and us, Ludi­corp. Smack the tat­tlers and pop the cham­pagne corks!

My ini­tial reac­tion, as an avid Flickr user, is very wait-and-see. Despite the occa­sion­al down­times, I’ve been impressed by how they’ve man­aged to scale up, as the site has grown expo­nen­tial­ly. But obvi­ous­ly, there comes a point where a Yahoo! can real­ly help.

What I’m wor­ried about most, was only slight­ly deflect­ed in Cateri­na’s post — it’s not that Yahoo! will get “flick­rized”, but that Flickr would end up “Yahooed!”:

Yahoo Pho­tos will get a lot of Flickr fea­tures, and there are alot of oth­er areas around Yahoo that will also be Flick­rized where Flick­riza­tion would be good.

That’s not reas­sur­ing… I guess we’ll wait-and-see.

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