Hopeless Friend

“hopeless friend”, posted by nedward

Presley is in nyc for a conference, but that didn’t stop me from leaving the house last night. I caught Graham Coxon, former guitarist for a little britpop outfit called Blur.

I love Graham’s new album, Happiness in Magazines, and was delighted to find out that he also puts on a hell of a show, for such a shy guy. His vocals especially were quite strong, though he freaked out and stopped in the middle of a song because the lighting guy put a spot on him…

My first Blur show was in March of ’97, in the Middle East Downstairs, when I was a freshmen (yikes) in college. Rivers Cuomo was hanging out at the bar, Damon soaked me with water from his many bottles, and Graham mostly sulked in the corner, strumming veraciously. That was the best concert I have ever seen.

Seeing Graham kind of makes me wish he was still in Blur, and they were still playing little clubs…

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