Fat-kins Diet

I’ve been on a high-pro­tein diet for about 6 months, and I’ve dropped about 22 pounds since, and I feel much health­i­er, etc.

Still, this Neu­rot­i­cal­ly Yours flash ani­ma­tion makes me laugh: Fat-kins Diet

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  • Two com­ments in the same week!

    I also did the Atkins diet. Just before I left the job where you are now. I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. Forty pounds, 3 months. It was insane!

    I’d eat steak-ums with bacon and cheese like twice a day, and two cans of tuna for lunch, and loose two pounds over night. My cho­les­terol stayed the same, and I was one skin­ny mofo for a while.

    In the end, it was piz­za that did me in. Do you guys get LIb­er­ty Piz­za at all? Ohh­hh sweet sweet Lib­er­ty Pizza.

  • Lib­er­ty Piz­za? naaa…

    Luck­i­ly, my vice can’t be piz­za, because there is no such thing as good piz­za in New Eng­land. Peri­od. They all make that Greek flaky-crust piz­za here, with ter­ri­ble sauce, and New Eng­lan­ders act like that is piz­za.

    Hell no. ;-)

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