24 hours in nyc

garden”, posted by nedward

I plunked down the $15 and rode the Fung Wah to nyc to vis­it the new MoMA, and vis­it some friends. It was nice to final­ly get inside the muse­um, hav­ing been thwart­ed by long lines on my past two vis­its. I enjoyed mean­der­ing around by myself, though the guid­ed audio tour is pret­ty worthless.

Sat­ur­day night, Jen­na took me out with Jin, Anna, and my friend Stef from Boston, to see maz­ing vids at the Cake Shop in the Low­er East Side. We ate s’mores from a street­cart, which made me want to go camping.

Anna from John Nie­der­mey­er on Vimeo.

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