The Work/Life Balance

My main project’s current phase is winding down this week, as I delivered the final eLearning courses last night. So, now I have time to reflect and hopefully resume posting on a regular basis.

Today, I took a few minutes to go through Bloglines, and laughed when I saw Dan Cederholm’s Current Work/Life Balance diagram

Why do we do this to ourselves? No matter how many vendors I offshore to, or contractors I hire, it always seems to come down to me at my desk, and 70-hour weeks. And, that’s where the “life” part tanks.

Well, it’s time for the summer to begin. I want to go camping for a week or so on the Cape or Islands. I don’t see any campgrounds on Nantucket, but we’re considering Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground.

Anyone know of any good places on the Outer Cape?

UPDATE: This is more how I felt…

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