The End of The Connection

I’ve been meaning to comment on the cancellation of the NPR morning program The Connection, and the firing of host Dick Gordon.

Though I’m sorry to see one locally-produced show get axed, I can’t say that I’m not giddy to see Gordon go. First, there is his thick Canadian dialect, and predilection for all things Canadiana… hopefully we won’t be subjected to another hour on Arcadian fiddle music. But, it seems that fellow ex-CBC reporter Jennifer Westaway is getting a lot of air time recently, and I think she is quite good.

So, if it’s not necessarily the hoser accent that turns me off, it must be Dick himself — he’s always seemed a bit disconnected on air. While I won’t fault Gordon for trying to embody the show’s high-brow billing, he never succeeded in holding my interest longer than it took to switch the station. He may be an excellent reporter, but charisma is something he lacks. Even his defenders are boring, and quite obviously of a certain age.

But, there is hope! On Point, which will move into The Connection’s slot, is an excellent show. Host Tom Ashbrook does have an interesting radio voice, and the show topics rarely bore. Also, the pacing is quick, and Ashbrook is adept at managing debate. Plus, he’s just a likeable guy.

Moving forward, I wonder what (if any) changes will be made to On Point, as it transitions to mornings. And, whether or not the NPR affiliates that currently broadcast The Connection will continue once the switch to On Point is made.

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  • I agree with you on Dick Gordon. Not only are the topics themselves usually boring, but he also takes interesting topics and makes them boring!

    On the other end of the spectrum you have Terry Gross who can make a seemingly mundane topic into a great interview.

    Gordon is not great with the phone callers, he usually cuts them off or tries to depoliticize their comments. He tries so hard to be objective that he comes off as cautious and safe.

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