The End of The Connection

I’ve been mean­ing to com­ment on the can­cel­la­tion of the NPR morn­ing pro­gram The Con­nec­tion, and the fir­ing of host Dick Gor­don.

Though I’m sor­ry to see one local­ly-pro­duced show get axed, I can’t say that I’m not gid­dy to see Gor­don go. First, there is his thick Cana­di­an dialect, and predilec­tion for all things Cana­di­ana… hope­ful­ly we won’t be sub­ject­ed to anoth­er hour on Arca­di­an fid­dle music. But, it seems that fel­low ex-CBC reporter Jen­nifer West­away is get­ting a lot of air time recent­ly, and I think she is quite good.

So, if it’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly the hoser accent that turns me off, it must be Dick him­self — he’s always seemed a bit dis­con­nect­ed on air. While I won’t fault Gor­don for try­ing to embody the show’s high-brow billing, he nev­er suc­ceed­ed in hold­ing my inter­est longer than it took to switch the sta­tion. He may be an excel­lent reporter, but charis­ma is some­thing he lacks. Even his defend­ers are bor­ing, and quite obvi­ous­ly of a cer­tain age.

But, there is hope! On Point, which will move into The Con­nec­tion’s slot, is an excel­lent show. Host Tom Ash­brook does have an inter­est­ing radio voice, and the show top­ics rarely bore. Also, the pac­ing is quick, and Ash­brook is adept at man­ag­ing debate. Plus, he’s just a like­able guy.

Mov­ing for­ward, I won­der what (if any) changes will be made to On Point, as it tran­si­tions to morn­ings. And, whether or not the NPR affil­i­ates that cur­rent­ly broad­cast The Con­nec­tion will con­tin­ue once the switch to On Point is made.

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  • I agree with you on Dick Gor­don. Not only are the top­ics them­selves usu­al­ly bor­ing, but he also takes inter­est­ing top­ics and makes them boring!

    On the oth­er end of the spec­trum you have Ter­ry Gross who can make a seem­ing­ly mun­dane top­ic into a great interview.

    Gor­don is not great with the phone callers, he usu­al­ly cuts them off or tries to depoliti­cize their com­ments. He tries so hard to be objec­tive that he comes off as cau­tious and safe.

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