Ebert & Roeper Podcast

Seems like Apple’s deal with Dis­ney to lever­age con­tent into Pod­casts is building—I saw today that you can sub­scribe to the Ebert & Roeper (iTunes link) podcast.

C’mon NPR, let’s get Fresh Air and On Point on board.

2 Responses to “Ebert & Roeper Podcast”

  • I sub­scribed to the Ebert and Roeper pod­cast, and it was just like the Tv show, with no com­mer­i­cals. It’s a good lis­ten, but I have trou­ble lis­ten­ing to it at work because of all the talk­ing. For me, pod­casts are for com­mutes, tunes are for working.

    Have you checked out the pod­casts for KCRW in Cal­i­for­nia? They’re pret­ty NPRish, and usu­al­ly of high qual­i­ty. I like the “On the Media” and “Left, Right and Cen­ter” ones myself.
  • On the Media” is okay, but I don’t enjoy it as some oth­er NPR offer­ings. And as for KCRW, maybe I’m just East-coast biased, because I can’t stand Day to Day either.

    Maybe the rea­son we don’t see more NPR Pod­Casts is that a lot of shows have sub­scrip­tion deals with “Audi­ble”:http://audible.com… and I’m not going to pay for the priv­i­lege of car­ry­ing Ter­ry Gross in my pock­et.

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