Ebert & Roeper Podcast

Seems like Apple’s deal with Disney to leverage content into Podcasts is building—I saw today that you can subscribe to the Ebert & Roeper (iTunes link) podcast.

C’mon NPR, let’s get Fresh Air and On Point on board.

2 Responses to “Ebert & Roeper Podcast”

  • I subscribed to the Ebert and Roeper podcast, and it was just like the Tv show, with no commericals. It’s a good listen, but I have trouble listening to it at work because of all the talking. For me, podcasts are for commutes, tunes are for working.

    Have you checked out the podcasts for KCRW in California? They’re pretty NPRish, and usually of high quality. I like the “On the Media” and “Left, Right and Center” ones myself.

  • “On the Media” is okay, but I don’t enjoy it as some other NPR offerings. And as for KCRW, maybe I’m just East-coast biased, because I can’t stand Day to Day either.

    Maybe the reason we don’t see more NPR PodCasts is that a lot of shows have subscription deals with “Audible”:http://audible.com… and I’m not going to pay for the privilege of carrying Terry Gross in my pocket.

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