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Stellastarr* tonight

I got a nice sur­prise from our friends at FNX:

Con­grat­u­la­tions! You and a guest have been added to the VIP list for the PRIVATE WFNX / Smirnoff Off the Radar con­cert with Stellastarr*.

This pri­vate con­cert is Wednes­day August 31st at the Mid­dle East Down­stairs (472 Mass Ave in Cam­bridge). The doors open at 9pm. HOWEVER, your entrance is based on club capac­i­ty. SO GET THERE EARLY - it’s a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE admis­sion.

Last time I saw Stel­las­tarr, we were down in front, and all the col­lege kid­dies were mak­ing out with each oth­er. How roman­tic

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The Constant Gardener

Rat­ing: A+

We had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to see The Con­stant Gar­den­er (meta­crit­ic) a cou­ple of weeks ago, and I neglect­ed to post about it.

I’ve nev­er read a John le Carre nov­el — I remem­ber him say­ing on Fresh Air that he was a for­mer British intel­li­gence offi­cer, so I nat­u­ral­ly assumed that his pol­i­tics were more aligned with Tom Clan­cy’s, than Amnesty Inter­na­tion­al. Now, I’m the kind of Lib­er­al who squirms around rad­i­cal activist-types, so when we were greet­ed at the cin­e­ma door by Amnesty rep­re­sen­ta­tives with their pam­phlets and peti­tions, I won­dered just what kind of action pic this was. I ducked the do-good­ers, and took a seat.

It was my impres­sion that the film is being mar­ket­ed as a Ralph Fiennes action pic, (see poster). And while there cer­tain­ly is a lot of sus­pense, the true heart of the film lies with Rachel Weisz’s char­ac­ter — the rad­i­cal activist. The film pro­vides a win­dow into an Africa that we often hear about, but rarely see… sure, the film is indig­nant about cor­rupt local offi­cials, war­fare, dis­ease, and neglect­ful (or antipa­thet­ic) West­ern pow­ers. But, it also shows African peo­ple who are gen­er­ous in spir­it, and wor­thy of a bet­ter col­lec­tive future.

La Laque & Pas/Cal

When I was in New York, Jen­na and I checked out the La Laque & Pas/Cal show at Ton­ic, in the Low­er East Side. They were cel­e­brat­ing the joint release of a 12″ sin­gle.

The real sur­prise for me was how much I liked the Brook­lyn-based La Laque. They’re three girls & three boys, play­ing French New Wave / Surf rock. Lis­ten­ing to the few MP3s out there won’t quite con­vey the ener­gy and feel­ing they exert on stage. I may nev­er lis­ten to anoth­er Stere­o­lab album again [sic].

And it was nice to see Yuki & James (of Aso­bi Sek­su) again… they’re com­ing to Boston soon, and I can’t wait to see them play again.


After 5 days off from the nine-to-five last week, I drove down to nyc to hang out with Jen­na again.

Pho­tos will come soon, because they need to be devel­oped… (Pres­ley had my trusty Elph with her in Vegas for MacyMe’s Bach­e­lorette week­end).

Speak­ing of which, here’s Macyme:

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Boston City Rally

Lit­tle known bit of knowl­edge: scoot­er rallys have very lit­tle to do with rid­ing scoot­ers. Matt and Sharon came up to Boston for the city ral­ly, and we had some fun.


More shots on Flickr »

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Google Desktop Beta

I’m on vaca­tion this week, but here I am on mon­day morn­ing, remot­ing into my work com­put­er to install and test out the new Google Desk­top Beta.

It includes a Dashboard/Konfabulator wid­get func­tion­al­i­ty called Side­bar — which puts infor­ma­tion on your desk­top — Gmail, local weath­er, news, and even rec­om­mends cool links based on your own brows­ing habits.

Also, I’m excit­ed for Quick Find, a Spot­light/Quick­sil­ver-like launch­er func­tion­al­i­ty. I’ve been using AppRock­et on my work PC for some time now, but it always seemed slug­gish. Time to unin­stall that app.

Then there are the search improve­ments… the new ver­sion comes with a con­ve­nient Out­look search tool­bar that is light-years faster than Microsoft­’s own built-in search. I’ve want­ed some­thing like this for years — i just always assumed that it would have to come from Microsoft.

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Liquid Television

Check out the trail­er for the live-action film of Aeon Flux. It does­n’t look that promis­ing, to be honest…

Char­l­ize Theron has a snap­py black hair cut, but her out­fit looks more PG-13 than the dom­i­na­trix-inspired garb Aeon wore in the MTV ani­mat­ed series.

Ah well. If they real­ly want­ed to attract 13-year old boys, (and me), they’d do it right, and take the R rating…

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Boston Scooter Rally


It starts tonight — the Boston city ral­ly. Watch out if you’re walk­ing or dri­ving around the city in the next few days… espe­cial­ly in the Fen­way, which is ground zero…

But, it kicks off tonight in All­ston, at O’Briens — the amaz­ing Jam trib­ute band, All Mod Cons are play­ing. See you there.

MT Upgrade tomorrow?

UPDATE: Nope, it looks like we’ll get Beta 5 today

It looks like we’ll have a Move­able Type upgrade tomorrow.

I’ve been using the betas for a while now, and over­all the expe­ri­ence has been pos­i­tive. Though the release num­ber only jumped to 3.2, this is a major upgrade. Those peo­ple who grum­bled at the release of ver­sion 3.0, (myself includ­ed), will enjoy the new fea­tures in this release.

Pressed Sandwiches

pressedPressed, Cen­tral Square
736 Mass­a­chu­setts Ave, Cam­bridge, MA 02139 [map]

Rarely am I moti­vat­ed enough to post about food… after all, it’s some­thing I do every day (that is, eat). But, there is a newish eatery in Cen­tral Square called Pressed, which I’ve lunched at a cou­ple of times now, and I felt com­pelled to offer some observations.

Pressed is the kind of sand­wich shop that puts all the empha­sis on detail… the inte­ri­or is dec­o­rat­ed very mod­ern, with an earthy green glow, black chalk­boards with the offer­ings, and nice light treat­ments. One odd thing that I noticed is that every­thing is brand­ed with their leafy logo – from lit­tle bags of can­dy, to bot­tled water. Think high-end McDon­ald’s, with­out the playground.

Set­ting aside the ambiance, (which I will return to lat­er), how is the food? Quite good, it turns out. I’m a fan of pani­ni-style sand­wich­es, and toast­ed bread in gen­er­al, but often times when you order a pani­ni at oth­er places, you get reg­u­lar old sub-shop ingre­di­ents pressed between way too much bread. Pressed hits the mark both in the qual­i­ty of ingre­di­ents, and bread. Their break­fast sand­wich­es are espe­cial­ly deli­cious, made with real eggs and cheeses. They serve cof­fee with the haughty brand name of Ter­rior, and it’s pret­ty tasty in hot and cold form.

So, for Pressed to spend all this ener­gy get­ting all these details cor­rect, it’s a shame they don’t put the same effort into ser­vice. I stood ungreet­ed for about 5 min­utes today, ready to order, while two employ­ees were mum­bling about the cash reg­is­ter. Then, after order­ing, and hold­ing out my $20-bill, the young man (who looked like an art-school post-grad), start­ed shuf­fling menus and look­ing up prices in silence… after what seemed like all morn­ing, he announced that my $3.75 break­fast sand­wich and large iced cof­fee would cost – $5, even. After a sec­ond of pro­cess­ing, I fig­ured out that the reg­is­ter was bro­ken. Not a big deal, it would make sense to com­mu­ni­cate this to the customer.

So, I sad­dled up at a table to flip through last week’s Week­ly Dig, and wait­ed for my break­fast. After 10 min­utes or so, I final­ly stood up, and the oth­er employ­ee, (who looked and sound­ed like he’d be more at home in a fam­i­ly din­er, behind the grille), turned and grabbed a bag from the counter, and hand­ed it to me. How long had it been sit­ting there? If I had sat there anoth­er 10 min­utes, would he have called me then?

Ser­vice is a big deal to me – even in a fast-food sand­wich shop. My pre­vi­ous two vis­its might have gone smoother, how­ev­er it’s a shame that this one has cement­ed my impression.

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NPR + Podcasts

I see that NPR is not renew­ing their Aud­bile contract:

NPR’s beloved shows like “All Things Con­sid­ered” and “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me” used to be avail­able on Audi­ble, but after what I can assume was a lack­lus­ter per­for­mance, have since been pulled from Audi­ble’s library.

There is a new poscasts page on the NPR site, how­ev­er it isn’t yet clear if the local sta­tions that pro­duce con­tent, such as WBUR in Boston, will fol­low the nation­al plan.

Google SiteSearch

Google is play­ing tricks on me, late­ly. When I use “SiteSearch”: to search this site, I don’t get indi­vid­ual results– just recent results, from my home page and RSS feeds.

Case in point– “pixies”:‑8&oe=utf‑8&q=pixies&

I’ve post­ed many times about this group: “1”: “2”: “3”: “4”:, etc. Yet only the home page result appears in my SiteSearch.

Is it that this site’s pager­ank is so low, that Google isn’t both­er­ing to index it any­more? If any­body has some ideas, or replace­ment sug­ges­tions, i’d love to hear from you.

Flood in Quincy

Poor Jason & Kim… all this rain that fell this week­end found its way into their base­ment.


Three Lam­bret­tas (a DL, Starstream and Cen­to), all of Jason’s clothes, tools, wash­er and dry­er, fur­ni­ture… all under water. So sad.

Pres­ley and I had both of our scoot­ers down there until Sat­ur­day after­noon, when we decid­ed to truck them down to JavaSpeed for repair– talk about dodg­ing a bullet.

I just feel so bad for those guys. It real­ly sucks.

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Meteor Showers this Weekend

Stef passed on this infor­ma­tion about mete­or show­ers this weekend:

The 12 th and 13th of August is the best time that you can see mete­or show­er this year.

They are called Per­sei­ds, and you can expect to see at least 60 mete­ors per hour.

Accord­ing to NASA, the best time to see the Per­sei­ds this year is “between 2 a.m. and dawn on August 12th, if you get away from city lights, you could see hun­dreds of mete­ors. This is a good time to go camping!”

Pixies @ The Paradise

Yes­ter­day, we scored tick­ets to a last-minute Pix­ies show at the Par­adise, a small club just over the riv­er from our house. They were shoot­ing footage for a DVD, so the room was full of boom & track cam­eras. This is my 4th Pix­ies show, but by far the most inti­mate — we were only 6–7 feet from Kim Deal!

Pres­ley post­ed our pho­tos… here are some teasers:


Kim Smiles, uploaded by Pres­ley


Frank and Joey, uploaded by Pres­ley

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The End of The Connection, Follow-up

A fol­low-up on the can­cel­la­tion of The Con­nec­tion, the Boston Phoenix’s Mark Jurkowitz has a fas­ci­nat­ing inter­view with ex-host Dick Gor­don. I almost feel bad for the guy.

(page 2 isn’t linked as of now…)

I for one am still wait­ing for Boston­ist to post a word about this… Pub­lic Radio scan­dals are like celebri­ty news in this town!