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Google is play­ing tricks on me, late­ly. When I use “SiteSearch”: to search this site, I don’t get indi­vid­ual results– just recent results, from my home page and RSS feeds.

Case in point– “pixies”:‑8&oe=utf‑8&q=pixies&

I’ve post­ed many times about this group: “1”: “2”: “3”: “4”:, etc. Yet only the home page result appears in my SiteSearch.

Is it that this site’s pager­ank is so low, that Google isn’t both­er­ing to index it any­more? If any­body has some ideas, or replace­ment sug­ges­tions, i’d love to hear from you.

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  • You’re prob­a­bly right — you prob­a­bly aren’t get­ting indexed fre­quent­ly enough.

    Maybe it would give Google a lit­tle nudge if you start­ed doing the “Google sitemap”: thing? It’s pret­ty triv­ial to make a MT blog gen­er­ate sitemaps and it’s good for your site and may be good for Web 2.0 someday :)

    It’s hard to say what Google real­ly does with this infor­ma­tion and how it affects indexing,
    but it’s worth a shot, I guess.
  • Thanks, that’s a good resource.

    It seems so strange to me though, because my archive pages used to be Indexed.

    I guess we’ll see what hap­pens once they index my site map. ..
  • Ned,

    It looks like that Google is pick­ing up most of your con­tent in your oth­er domain, Try the fol­low­ing Google search:”:

    If you would like to roll your own site search by using the domain, look at the search box on

    Hope this helps!

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