Google Desktop Beta

I’m on vaca­tion this week, but here I am on mon­day morn­ing, remot­ing into my work com­put­er to install and test out the new Google Desk­top Beta.

It includes a Dashboard/Konfabulator wid­get func­tion­al­i­ty called Side­bar — which puts infor­ma­tion on your desk­top — Gmail, local weath­er, news, and even rec­om­mends cool links based on your own brows­ing habits.

Also, I’m excit­ed for Quick Find, a Spot­light/Quick­sil­ver-like launch­er func­tion­al­i­ty. I’ve been using AppRock­et on my work PC for some time now, but it always seemed slug­gish. Time to unin­stall that app.

Then there are the search improve­ments… the new ver­sion comes with a con­ve­nient Out­look search tool­bar that is light-years faster than Microsoft­’s own built-in search. I’ve want­ed some­thing like this for years — i just always assumed that it would have to come from Microsoft.

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