NPR + Podcasts, Part II

A follow up on my NPR + Podcasts post, it seems that NPR is indeed investing in podcasting of its programs. They’ve launched a Podcast Directory, but it is interesting to note that they are not yet providing full-length programs:

This service is our first step in podcasting and we are experimenting with a number of program formats… Podcasting full-length programs such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered could be extremely expensive. Over the next several months, NPR and its public radio partners will be experimenting with a number of formats and offerings, and we invite your feedback.

And, a lot of the more worthwhile Public Radio content is actually produced at local stations, and syndicated nationally. For instance, WBUR in Boston produces excellent programming, such as On Point, Only a Game, and Here and Now. But, they haven’t yet joined the bandwagon, again because of cost:

Legally we are not allowed to make available for download via mp3 ANY broadcast which contains un-licensed copyrighted material (e.g. music heard throughout shows)… We are currently working on a podcast solution for all of our programming content. Please bear with us.

Similarly, WHYY in Philadelphia produces the highly popular Fresh Air, but they don’t currently offer a podcast of the program.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and interesting to note that we likely have Apple iTunes to thank for pushing podcasting into the mainstream.

2 Responses to “NPR + Podcasts, Part II”

  • I would love to see NPR use bittorrent to deal with bandwidth issues. If the protocol wants to seem legit, a big name site/company needs to use it. Also, it makes perfect sense in this situation.

    Of course, if we had one of the feedreaders or podcasting desktop solutions integrate bittorrent into their app, then that would make this whole thing amazing.

  • Yea, I agree… it seems like too big a jump right now for these companies.

    I remember Adam Curry saying that Apple was looking at bittorrent before the iTunes rollout, but they decided against it.

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