NPR + Podcasts, Part II

A fol­low up on my NPR + Pod­casts post, it seems that NPR is indeed invest­ing in pod­cast­ing of its pro­grams. They’ve launched a Pod­cast Direc­to­ry, but it is inter­est­ing to note that they are not yet pro­vid­ing full-length programs:

This ser­vice is our first step in pod­cast­ing and we are exper­i­ment­ing with a num­ber of pro­gram for­mats… Pod­cast­ing full-length pro­grams such as Morn­ing Edi­tion and All Things Con­sid­ered could be extreme­ly expen­sive. Over the next sev­er­al months, NPR and its pub­lic radio part­ners will be exper­i­ment­ing with a num­ber of for­mats and offer­ings, and we invite your feedback.

And, a lot of the more worth­while Pub­lic Radio con­tent is actu­al­ly pro­duced at local sta­tions, and syn­di­cat­ed nation­al­ly. For instance, WBUR in Boston pro­duces excel­lent pro­gram­ming, such as On Point, Only a Game, and Here and Now. But, they haven’t yet joined the band­wag­on, again because of cost:

Legal­ly we are not allowed to make avail­able for down­load via mp3 ANY broad­cast which con­tains un-licensed copy­right­ed mate­r­i­al (e.g. music heard through­out shows)… We are cur­rent­ly work­ing on a pod­cast solu­tion for all of our pro­gram­ming con­tent. Please bear with us.

Sim­i­lar­ly, WHYY in Philadel­phia pro­duces the high­ly pop­u­lar Fresh Air, but they don’t cur­rent­ly offer a pod­cast of the program.

Still, it’s a step in the right direc­tion, and inter­est­ing to note that we like­ly have Apple iTunes to thank for push­ing pod­cast­ing into the mainstream.

2 Responses to “NPR + Podcasts, Part II

  • I would love to see NPR use bit­tor­rent to deal with band­width issues. If the pro­to­col wants to seem legit, a big name site/company needs to use it. Also, it makes per­fect sense in this situation.

    Of course, if we had one of the fee­dread­ers or pod­cast­ing desk­top solu­tions inte­grate bit­tor­rent into their app, then that would make this whole thing amaz­ing.
  • Yea, I agree… it seems like too big a jump right now for these companies.

    I remem­ber Adam Cur­ry say­ing that Apple was look­ing at bit­tor­rent before the iTunes roll­out, but they decid­ed against it.

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