Yahoo! Site Search

Well, I’ve had enough with Google Site­Search… I’ve switched this site’s search func­tion­al­i­ty over to Yahoo! Site Search.

I tried, I tried, I failed, so I switched.

2 Responses to “Yahoo! Site Search”

  • Maybe I need to con­sid­er switch­ing our work site over to Yahoo’s search sys­tem. I did­n’t even know they had a site search offer­ing. The Google one flat out refus­es to index cer­tain pages of our site at all.
  • Enough was enough… Google was always good to me in the past, but this was total­ly a frus­tra­tion. I mean, why have a “Sitemaps”: ser­vice, if it does­n’t index the content?

    I still pre­fer the Google Site­Search UI, but Yahoo! came to the res­cue.

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