Maybe it’s been all this iPod talk these past few days, but I’ve added a bunch of new albums to my iTunes library recently…

metric / live it outMet­ric, Live it Out

Hands down, bet­ter than the first album.

old Arcade FireThe Arcade Fire, Arcade Fire

Not as good as the sec­ond album, but love­ly just the same.

BRMC, HowlBlack Rebel Motor­cy­cle Club, Howl

All my female friends seem to love these guys, but I nev­er could get past the ston­er-rock facade. This is more a “root­sy” album, which nor­mal­ly should turn me off… but, I’m intrigued.

Stellastarr*, Harmonies for the HauntedStel­las­tarr*, Har­monies for the Haunted

ehh, sigh.

Ladytron, Witching HourLadytron, Witch­ing Hour

Anoth­er My Bloody Valen­tine homage… but, this one does­n’t suck.

Franz Ferdinand, Franz FerdinandFranz Fer­di­nand, Franz Fer­di­nand You Could Have It So Much Better

I hope all of their LPs are epony­mous­ly titled. Thanks to Chris, for point­ing out the obvi­ous… this is not anoth­er epony­mous­ly titled release. I do love the Sovi­et-inspired art­work, though.

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  • The Franz Fer­di­nand does have a new title: You Could Have It So Much Bet­ter.

    Thanks for the Ladytron notice. I real­ly loved their last LP, plus I’m a MBV fan. Let’s hope the com­bi­na­tion is fortuitous. 

  • Oops, of course, you’re right. Yea, I like the new Ladytron a lot.

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