Maybe it’s been all this iPod talk these past few days, but I’ve added a bunch of new albums to my iTunes library recently…

metric / live it outMetric, Live it Out

Hands down, better than the first album.

old Arcade FireThe Arcade Fire, Arcade Fire

Not as good as the second album, but lovely just the same.

BRMC, HowlBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club, Howl

All my female friends seem to love these guys, but I never could get past the stoner-rock facade. This is more a “rootsy” album, which normally should turn me off… but, I’m intrigued.

Stellastarr*, Harmonies for the HauntedStellastarr*, Harmonies for the Haunted

ehh, sigh.

Ladytron, Witching HourLadytron, Witching Hour

Another My Bloody Valentine homage… but, this one doesn’t suck.

Franz Ferdinand, Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better

I hope all of their LPs are eponymously titled. Thanks to Chris, for pointing out the obvious… this is not another eponymously titled release. I do love the Soviet-inspired artwork, though.

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