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eatWe spent the weekend eating and drinking to near excess with Matt & Sharon, who were visiting from New York.

Presley outdid herself again with the meal- conjuring a delicious turkey, all the fixings, and a couple of pies for our enjoyment.

Dom 1995Matt and Sharon even brought along a bottle of 1995 vintage Dom Perignon champaigne. Sharon received it as a gift from her work, but we estimated that this vintage is worth more than $150 per bottle… it was tasty, but we agreed that it didn’t leave any better impression that a $8 bottle of Korbel.

AT&T Wireless -> Cingular -> AT&T?

new AT&T logo So, having been forcibly converted from AT&T Wireless to Cingular, I read this today:

Well, you can say goodbye to Cingular. SBC, which closed its merger with AT&T last week, decided that after spending untold millions promoting the Cingular brand for its joint venture with BellSouth, that they’re going to drop the name and start selling wireless service under the AT&T brand name.

Why? On the day we read about GM shedding 30,000 American jobs, I’m having a hard time understanding just what the hell U.S. Big-Business is up to. Somebody is making money on all these shenanigans, but I’m not convinced that workers and consumers share in the party.

UPDATE: Wondering about that new AT&T logo? It’s weak, right? Well, Russell Beattie has a nice put-down review.

UPDATE 2: Designweenie also feels uncomfortable with the new AT&T mark.

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  • Free stats package, including helpful Adsense tools (for those who do ads)
  • And, no, we’re not talking about the Nixon White House… “The ‘enemies list’ dates back to Bush�s days as governor of Texas and can be accessed by senior administration officials in an instant for use in campaigns to discredit those who speak out against administration policies or acts of the President.”

Saturday walk

23 Sydney 3Wow, another weekend with great weather. Like last week, I took another walk around the neighborhood, and snapped some photos:

One of the more architecturally interesting buildings to go up in recent years, is the luxury condos at 23 Sydney. They’re really lovely, but likely inhabited by wealthy Aholes.

More photos here.

Good News Garage This is the famed Good News Garage, operated by Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk fame.

curbs A while back I mentioned that they were tearing up and re-paving Brookline Ave, near our house… well, we noticed something cool — they’re going to narrow the road by about half, extending the sidewalk out 20 feet or so. I suspect a nice bus stop will soon follow.

Don't Dump I love these little plaques, which can be found all over Boston and Cambridge: “Don’t Dump. Drains to Charles River.” Is that where our toilets drain too?

The Kennedy Kerry Klan?

Political discourse is in such a sad state, these days. People on the Right viciously brand Democrats and Liberals (capital “L”) with ridiculous comparisons, while simultaneously charging us with doing the same to them. And they get away with it. Here’s the latest example, involving Governor (and likely 2008 GOP Presidential candidate) Romney of Massachusetts, who was introduced by attorney Gerald Walpin at a Federalist Society event:

“Today when most of the country thinks of who controls Massachusetts, I think the modern day KKK comes to mind – the Kennedy, Kerry Klan.”

Romney laughed along with the audience, The Boston Globe reported in a story for Friday’s edition, and thanked the speaker for “a very generous introduction.”

I’m not sure which part is more ridiculous, but since Romney promptly backpedaled and apologized. As for Walpin, the comparison is more than offensive – it’s ahistoric, given all the work Sens. Kennedy and Kerry have done in the area of civil rights.

Why not also assert that Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus for States’ Rights? That makes about as much sense as this KKK joke.

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WBUR Podcasts

On PointAsk, and ye shall receive. NPR powerhouse WBUR has started offering it’s programming in Podcast packaging. Now, you can download and listen to On Point and Here and Now, on your iPod.

There are some limitations, however… due to the music licensing cabal, they can’t offer content that contains music licensed for broadcast only – apparently ASCAP and BMI think that people will rip songs out of MP3 Podcasts, and share it with their friends. Not only is this ridiculous on its face, but it also blindly ignores the inherent promotional potential afforded by Podcasting. So, they have to edit out bumper music, and probably skip music shows altogether.

Also, even with this caveat, they aren’t offering the full shows. On Point‘s shows are approximately 20 minutes long, and Here and Now seems to only include 1 main segment (8-10 mins). I’m not sure if this is a bandwidth consideration, callers’ permission, or what. Since they stream on the internet both live and full on-demand archives, I don’t see how either of these could be reason.

Maybe they just want to ensure that you tune in your radio dial…

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Our ceiling is leaking, ever so slowly, above my 20-inch apple cinema display… better double-bag it.

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Election Day


It’s Election Day, and I haven’t done much research on the City Council race here in Cambridge. The Globe has a special election section, but I can’t find much information on Our Fair City.

I hate to cast votes blindly, but what can I do at this point? Go by the signs in my neighbors’ yards? By how much political mail I’ve received? (Jesse Gordon wins on that count) Or, perhaps I’ll just take the advice of drunkards.


The national media seems to be writing an awful lot into the Virginia governor’s race. Due to a one 4-year term limit on that office, popular Democratic Governor Mark Warner is out, but his Lieutenant Gov is still leading by 4-5 points:

[Warner], who has anointed Mr. Kaine the candidate who can continue the policies he says have brought the state a budget surplus and improved scores on school tests.

Sounds like Al Gore’s 2000 strategy… Being a charismatic Democrat from a Red state, it will be interesting to watch Warner in the next 3 years. ABC News’ The Note points out:

Sen. Clinton’s camp is closely watching the outcome of the Virginia gubernatorial race, claims the New York Daily News, out of concern that a Kaine win could make Gov. Mark Warner a more formidable opponent for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Obviously, if Kaine and the Dems can hold on to the VA Governor’s mansion, the White House should be the one worrying. Can’t wait to see how they spin this one.

Squirrel Brand

Squirrel BrandWe discovered an interesting urban story on a walk we took this past weekend, down Columbia Street in Cambridge map… the famous Squirrel Brand candy and nut company factory, made famous by 90’s swing-revivalists Squirrel Nut Zippers, (don’t let that turn you off).

After decades of production, the company moved on, but the city and community stepped in and converted the building and grounds to affordable housing:

The Squirrel Brand building had to be gutted. Its 132 6-by-8-foot windows, 12.5-foot ceilings, and wood floors had been saturated by more than eight decades of molasses steam. Just-A-Start officials estimate a cost of $6 million to renovate the factory and two smaller buildings the organization purchased nearby. But they say they remain committed to saving the building rather than leveling it.

Also, I had no idea just how much candy was manufactured here… Necco, Tootsie-Roll, Squirrel Brand:

In 1928, at the height of an era when Cambridge produced most of the treats that satisfied the nation’s sugar craving, 32 confectionary manufacturers flourished within the city limits. They took ships’ holds full of sugar or molasses from the West Indies and turned it into gooey, sticky, and chocolatey treats.

Unfortunately, only a Tootsie subsidiary remains on Main Street…

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PageRank and Me

When I switched this weblog’s domain from to a while back, I wanted to maintain both URLs for a transition period, so as not to lose readers.

Sounds innocent enough, but since then, Google has stopped deep-indexing this site. On the advice of Casey, I tried re-directing with 301s, providing a sitemap with every entry on this site, and a whole lot of other trickery… all without luck. To this day, searching the old domain is more fruitful than searching the new one.

Since I’ve tried everything I can think of, I think the fact remains that has a higher PageRank than… There are still many people who link to the old domain.

I’ve started sending out emails to the people I know about. But, won’t you help me out, and update your URL?

Thanks in advance.

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