PageRank and Me

When I switched this weblog’s domain from to a while back, I want­ed to main­tain both URLs for a tran­si­tion peri­od, so as not to lose readers.

Sounds inno­cent enough, but since then, Google has stopped deep-index­ing this site. On the advice of Casey, I tried re-direct­ing with 301s, pro­vid­ing a sitemap with every entry on this site, and a whole lot of oth­er trick­ery… all with­out luck. To this day, search­ing the old domain is more fruit­ful than search­ing the new one.

Since I’ve tried every­thing I can think of, I think the fact remains that has a high­er PageR­ank than… There are still many peo­ple who link to the old domain.

I’ve start­ed send­ing out emails to the peo­ple I know about. But, won’t you help me out, and update your URL?

Thanks in advance.

4 Responses to “PageRank and Me”

  • You can check what your page rank is at My Page Rank. Both your sites have a page rank of 5 by the looks of things.
  • ahh, I remem­ber when my PageR­ank was 6…

    Prob­a­bly what is hap­pen­ing is that the old domain lost a point since there has been no new con­tent pub­lished to it in many months…

    I don­no… this is anoth­er hypoth­e­sis. The oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ty is that Google has decid­ed that weblogs in gen­er­al were get­ting too much weight in their index.

    If you have any oth­er ideas, please let me know!
  • I can’t imag­ine what would be the prob­lem; I also find that Google seems to send less traf­fic to my site recent­ly com­pared to say half a year ago. I’m not sure if there is some easy way to force Google to index your site. You seem to have done all the things one would expect to work.

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