Election Day


It’s Elec­tion Day, and I haven’t done much research on the City Coun­cil race here in Cam­bridge. The Globe has a spe­cial elec­tion sec­tion, but I can’t find much infor­ma­tion on Our Fair City.

I hate to cast votes blind­ly, but what can I do at this point? Go by the signs in my neigh­bors’ yards? By how much polit­i­cal mail I’ve received? (Jesse Gor­don wins on that count) Or, per­haps I’ll just take the advice of drunk­ards.


The nation­al media seems to be writ­ing an awful lot into the Vir­ginia governor’s race. Due to a one 4‑year term lim­it on that office, pop­u­lar Demo­c­ra­t­ic Gov­er­nor Mark Warn­er is out, but his Lieu­tenant Gov is still lead­ing by 4–5 points:

[Warn­er], who has anoint­ed Mr. Kaine the can­di­date who can con­tin­ue the poli­cies he says have brought the state a bud­get sur­plus and improved scores on school tests.

Sounds like Al Gore’s 2000 strat­e­gy… Being a charis­mat­ic Demo­c­rat from a Red state, it will be inter­est­ing to watch Warn­er in the next 3 years. ABC News’ The Note points out:

Sen. Clinton’s camp is close­ly watch­ing the out­come of the Vir­ginia guber­na­to­r­i­al race, claims the New York Dai­ly News, out of con­cern that a Kaine win could make Gov. Mark Warn­er a more for­mi­da­ble oppo­nent for the 2008 Demo­c­ra­t­ic pres­i­den­tial nomination.

Obvi­ous­ly, if Kaine and the Dems can hold on to the VA Governor’s man­sion, the White House should be the one wor­ry­ing. Can’t wait to see how they spin this one.

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