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On PointAsk, and ye shall receive. NPR powerhouse WBUR has started offering it’s programming in Podcast packaging. Now, you can download and listen to On Point and Here and Now, on your iPod.

There are some limitations, however… due to the music licensing cabal, they can’t offer content that contains music licensed for broadcast only – apparently ASCAP and BMI think that people will rip songs out of MP3 Podcasts, and share it with their friends. Not only is this ridiculous on its face, but it also blindly ignores the inherent promotional potential afforded by Podcasting. So, they have to edit out bumper music, and probably skip music shows altogether.

Also, even with this caveat, they aren’t offering the full shows. On Point‘s shows are approximately 20 minutes long, and Here and Now seems to only include 1 main segment (8-10 mins). I’m not sure if this is a bandwidth consideration, callers’ permission, or what. Since they stream on the internet both live and full on-demand archives, I don’t see how either of these could be reason.

Maybe they just want to ensure that you tune in your radio dial…

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