Saturday walk

23 Sydney 3Wow, another weekend with great weather. Like last week, I took another walk around the neighborhood, and snapped some photos:

One of the more architecturally interesting buildings to go up in recent years, is the luxury condos at 23 Sydney. They’re really lovely, but likely inhabited by wealthy Aholes.

More photos here.

Good News Garage This is the famed Good News Garage, operated by Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk fame.

curbs A while back I mentioned that they were tearing up and re-paving Brookline Ave, near our house… well, we noticed something cool — they’re going to narrow the road by about half, extending the sidewalk out 20 feet or so. I suspect a nice bus stop will soon follow.

Don't Dump I love these little plaques, which can be found all over Boston and Cambridge: “Don’t Dump. Drains to Charles River.” Is that where our toilets drain too?

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