Saturday walk

23 Sydney 3Wow, anoth­er week­end with great weath­er. Like last week, I took anoth­er walk around the neigh­bor­hood, and snapped some photos:

One of the more archi­tec­tural­ly inter­est­ing build­ings to go up in recent years, is the lux­u­ry con­dos at 23 Syd­ney. They’re real­ly love­ly, but like­ly inhab­it­ed by wealthy Aholes.

More pho­tos here.

Good News Garage This is the famed Good News Garage, oper­at­ed by Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk fame.

curbs A while back I men­tioned that they were tear­ing up and re-paving Brook­line Ave, near our house… well, we noticed some­thing cool — they’re going to nar­row the road by about half, extend­ing the side­walk out 20 feet or so. I sus­pect a nice bus stop will soon follow.

Don't Dump I love these lit­tle plaques, which can be found all over Boston and Cam­bridge: “Don’t Dump. Drains to Charles Riv­er.” Is that where our toi­lets drain too?

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