AT&T Wireless -> Cingular -> AT&T?

new AT&T logo So, hav­ing been forcibly con­vert­ed from AT&T Wire­less to Cin­gu­lar, I read this today:

Well, you can say good­bye to Cin­gu­lar. SBC, which closed its merg­er with AT&T last week, decid­ed that after spend­ing untold mil­lions pro­mot­ing the Cin­gu­lar brand for its joint ven­ture with Bell­South, that they’re going to drop the name and start sell­ing wire­less ser­vice under the AT&T brand name.

Why? On the day we read about GM shed­ding 30,000 Amer­i­can jobs, I’m hav­ing a hard time under­stand­ing just what the hell U.S. Big-Busi­ness is up to. Some­body is mak­ing mon­ey on all these shenani­gans, but I’m not con­vinced that work­ers and con­sumers share in the party.

UPDATE: Won­der­ing about that new AT&T logo? It’s weak, right? Well, Rus­sell Beat­tie has a nice put-down review.

UPDATE 2: Design­wee­nie also feels uncom­fort­able with the new AT&T mark.

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