Free Delivery

Oslo Finance Hav­ing read Greg Storey’s post about Icon­Buf­fet’s Free Deliv­ery, I signed up and received my first deliv­ery: Oslo Finance.

Any­body want to trade? Taipei Night Mar­ket looks pret­ty cool.

UPDATE: I now have Oslo Atmos­phere, Taipei Night Mar­ket, and Taipei Bud­dies 2… and, will glad­ly trade!

5 Responses to “Free Delivery”

  • Feel free to look me up on Free Deliv­ery using the email address attached to this com­ment. I believe I’ve got Taipei Night Mar­ket in my account.
  • I’d love me some Oslo Finance. If you dont’ have it already, I have Shang­hai Tech. I just bought the Oslo set a cou­ple of weeks ago, and would love to col­lect them all.
  • I would­n’t mind hav­ing Oslo Finance. I’ve got Taipei Bud­dies 2 and Oslo Atmos­phere if you’d like them.
  • Gar­rett & Steve, I’ve sent you both Oslo Finance… I’d love any set that I haven’t yet got, in return.

  • Are you stil miss­ing any set? If so, feel free to mail me at the address i sub­mit­ted. I have all of them except for Oslo Finance… i already ran out of deliveries.


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