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  • I’ve only recent­ly dis­cov­ered the joys of VNC… it’s just rad. I have an old­ish G4 tow­er with 10.3 and my music col­lec­tion, no mon­i­tor at all. Every­thing set to stream via iTunes. On the rare occa­sion I need to access the tow­er, I can con­trol every­thing using Chick­en of the VNC.

    Also handy to access the win­tel machine when I’m too lazy to get off the couch.
  • Yea, I used to have my PC in the “clos­et”:, sans mon­i­tor, con­nect­ed to our net­work via wi-fi. It “worked”:, but sucked.

    I had all kinds of trou­ble with the USB wi-fi adapter — and with no mon­i­tor attached, I could­n’t fix the issues.

    So, instead, I went with an exter­nal firewire dri­ve, and I use Vir­tu­al PC on the mac, if I need to test some­thing. (Of course, it also does­n’t hurt to have the “work PC”:

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