Damn Sirius

Sirius Sportster ReplayWell, it’s going on damn near a week since I finally ordered my Sirius radio, directly from their online shop, and I still haven’t heard boo. My order status has been set to “checked-out” since last Friday, but I’ve received no shipping confirmation.

I decided to order directly from Sirius because every retail outlet that I checked were sold out the day after Christmas… I guess a lot of us didn’t get what we wanted under the tree, (I’m looking at you, mom).

And, I’m convinced their customer service representatives’ job is to blatantly lie to their customers, in order to cover up deficiencies in order fulfillment. When I called up the hotline, the man on the other end couldn’t tell me anything more than the web site could, however he added that I would “probably get the shipping confirmation in a day or two”… when I asked him how he knew this, he replied that it usually takes 4-5 days to ship. Nevermind that Howard Stern is going on-air next monday! (I suspect that they are back-ordered.)

Of course, considering that every retail outlet (both online and traditional) are sold out of this model, I’m not crossing my fingers. Good thing I paid extra for Overnight shipping!

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  • Update: your loving girlfriend got 3 months subscription and 2 day UPS delivery free of charge for your pain and frustration… but still no sportster. :(

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