Letterman’s Politics

I still love Dave… he stood up to Bill O’Reil­ly on his pro­gram this week, (video here). There were two main points of con­tention… first, O’Reil­ly’s imag­ined “War on Christ­mas”, and then his calous attacks on Cindy Shee­han. Dave was­n’t as thought­ful or inteligent-sound­ing as he can be on polit­i­cal top­ics, but I love the way he sums up O’Reil­ly:

Let­ter­man: “I’m not smart enough to debate you point to point on this, but I have the feel­ing, I have the feel­ing about 60 per­cent of what you say is crap.” (empha­sis added)

Indeed. Oh, and get your Tshirts.

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