Saabs Don’t Age Well

One of the smartest things I’ve ever done, was to pay a lit­tle extra for Cer­ti­fied Pre-Owned sta­tus on my used 9–3, which more or less just extends the war­ran­ty. For an extra $1500 or so, I’ve received more than dou­ble that amount in parts and labor over the past 2 years.

So, on thurs­day, I dropped the 9–3 off in Fram­ing­ham so they could replace the Water Pump, which was going bad. Look at the piece of crap they gave me as a loaner:

chevy aveo

Lat­er that after­noon, I received a call from the ser­vice depart­ment, say­ing that I also had a blown head gas­ket… great. That’s not good. So, they keep it overnight, and I don’t hear any­thing all day fri­day… so, I call them up, and they ask to keep it until mon­day, because they hadn’t fin­ished up the job. All the while, I’m rid­ing around in a tin-can amer­i­can car, with no pow­er-win­dows, no Fast-Lane, and it’s bright-cher­ry-fuck­ing-red.

So, today (mon­day), I call them up, and they tell me that they can’t get good oil pres­sure. WTF? And they want to replace the engine’s short block… which is a huge job. I can’t fig­ure out what the hell hap­pened, but I’m get­ting to the point where I can’t wait until the day when I don’t have to rely on a car every day of my life.

Mr. Yovanoff sold his 9–3 on eBay this week… but, he now gets to walk to work.

2 Responses to “Saabs Don’t Age Well”

  • Oh god — could they have giv­en you a worse loan­er? Did you do some­thing to piss those guys off?
  • Per­haps they gave you an Aveo because SAAB is a Gen­er­al Motors com­pa­ny, just like Chevy. (GM).

    I haven’t had an equiv­e­lent loan­er car ever… most­ly Geo Metro’s and Ford Focus’. The last time I got a loan­er, Enter­prise came to pick-me-up in an Infin­i­ty, and I thought it was my lucky day… only to be dri­ven back to the rental car place to dri­ve home in an Alti­ma (which was­n’t that bad).

    That Aveo’s paint is pret­ty nasty, though.

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