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iPod Packaging Parody

What if Microsoft re-designed Apple’s iPod packaging?

So true, and so good. [via]

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  • A great slim blog­ging app that lever­ages some excel­lent open source good­ies, such as Scrip­tac­u­lous, Behav­iour, and Fam­Fam­Fam icons. He’s on to some­thing here!
  • Karl Pilk­ing­ton, the break­out star of “The Ricky Ger­vais Show,” has become the object of a glob­al Inter­net cult and the unlike­ly har­bin­ger of a tech­no­log­i­cal revolution.

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Saab Troubles Continue

What can I say? Last month, I had to get a new short block put into my 9–3, which is basi­cal­ly most of the engine. $6200 worth of parts and labor, glee­ful­ly cov­ered under my extend­ed warranty.

But, this Tues­day, I decid­ed to ven­ture out of the office for lunch, (this is sub­ur­bia, impos­si­ble to get any­where by foot)… and on the way back, my car just quit on me in the mid­dle of an on-ramp. So, there I am, block­ing traf­fic, wav­ing cars along, and attempt­ing to push the car out of the way, simul­ta­ne­ous­ly steer­ing the wheel.

I hate cars.

saabThe deal­er had to replace some­thing called a “direct igni­tion cas­sette mod­ule”, also cov­ered under the war­ran­ty. But, I also had to buy a new bat­tery, because the stu­pid tow truck left the keys in the igni­tion and killed it. I still can’t quite fig­ure out if the bat­tery is relat­ed to the oth­er replaced part, but I guess I should once again be thank­ful that the car is “cer­ti­fied”.

It seems that I’m not the only Saab own­er with this problem.

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closedAfter knock­ing over a cup of wine onto my Siemens s66, I knew the LCD screen would nev­er be the same. So, after scour­ing eBay and Craigslist, I decid­ed to get the RAZR v3 Black.

Every­one kept telling me that the Motoro­la UI is hor­ri­ble, but I find it sim­ple and intu­itive com­pared to the mess that is Siemens.

The cam­era size (VGA) seems like a step down from the Siemen’s 1.3 MP, but I think the qual­i­ty will be bet­ter. The lens is eas­i­er to clean, and the RAZR seems to adjust to changes in light bet­ter. But, I can’t fig­ure out why there is no one-touch access to the Camera.

And, though the phone can’t sync to my Power­book wire­less­ly with Blue­tooth & iSync, the phone has a mini-USB port. (Cin­gu­lar does­n’t give you the cable, but luck­i­ly my Canon Elph did!) I was able to trans­fer home-made ring­tones and wall­pa­per via Blue­tooth, though.

Last­ly, you can’t beat the look and feel of the RAZR. Alu­minum just feels smooth and cool in your hand, but I decid­ed to get the black mod­el because it seemed a bit less showy.

So far, so good!

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Camino 1.0

caminoCamino is out of beta today! Talk about a great Valen­tine’s Day gift.

I use Camino as my pri­ma­ry brows­er, since it ren­ders Gmail and Google Read­er much faster than Safari/Saft. It does­n’t allow for all of the exten­sions that Fire­fox fea­tures, but it’s quick­er, and just feels more like an OS X appli­ca­tion.

Here are some links today:

Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine's day!Tomor­row is Valen­tine’s Day — I hope you all enjoy it.

I used fd’s Flickr Toys to cre­ate a heart with all of my Flickr con­tacts [via].

Now, all I need for tomor­row’s big day, is a Ted­dy Bear Hold­ing a HeartAvail­able lit­er­al­ly almost everywhere!

UPDATE: Go ahead, and find yourself!

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Snow Infographics

Aw crap… there goes our week­end in NYC.

snow is coming

Beer Logos in Vector Format

Boddingtons BitterI love this site, which offers tons of beer logos for down­load, in EPS for­mat [via]. For some rea­son, this amus­es me.

What did­n’t amuse me, was the 20 min­utes of frus­tra­tion last night, try­ing to get a freakin’ Bod­ding­tons at The Bur­ren in Davis Square. I had to order twice, from the same woman, (as she must’ve for­got the first one)… and final­ly I grabbed a sec­ond bar­tender to go check on things. And, HE was the one who brought me my freakin’ beer. I real­ize that a lot of bar­tenders dou­ble-pour Boddy’s, (much like Guin­ness), but you’re not sup­posed to for­get me!

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Apple to Build 4‑story Store in the Back Bay?

Uploaded to Flickr by iPhilBoston­ist links to rumors that Apple will final­ly open a flag­ship store in the heart of Boston.

Loopru­mors reports:

Apple is poised to announce a major retail store direct­ly across from the Pru­den­tial Cen­ter on Boyl­ston Street in Down­town Boston. The store is said to be Apple’s most state-of-the-art store to date with 4 sto­ries and a front made entire­ly of a glass. Boston’s May­or Thomas Meni­no is expect­ed to announce plans for the store in the com­ing week.

They could­n’t have picked a bet­ter spot.

pho­to is of the new San Fran­cis­co store, uploaded to Flickr by iPhil

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I revamped the CSS and a cou­ple of graph­ics to be more fes­tive… why should Valen­tine’s Day be for 1‑day only? Enjoy, while it lasts… ;-)

Jenna’s Visit

We hate each other

God, it’s good when Jenna visits… Flickr Set »

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