closedAfter knock­ing over a cup of wine onto my Siemens s66, I knew the LCD screen would nev­er be the same. So, after scour­ing eBay and Craigslist, I decid­ed to get the RAZR v3 Black.

Every­one kept telling me that the Motoro­la UI is hor­ri­ble, but I find it sim­ple and intu­itive com­pared to the mess that is Siemens.

The cam­era size (VGA) seems like a step down from the Siemen’s 1.3 MP, but I think the qual­i­ty will be bet­ter. The lens is eas­i­er to clean, and the RAZR seems to adjust to changes in light bet­ter. But, I can’t fig­ure out why there is no one-touch access to the Camera.

And, though the phone can’t sync to my Power­book wire­less­ly with Blue­tooth & iSync, the phone has a mini-USB port. (Cin­gu­lar does­n’t give you the cable, but luck­i­ly my Canon Elph did!) I was able to trans­fer home-made ring­tones and wall­pa­per via Blue­tooth, though.

Last­ly, you can’t beat the look and feel of the RAZR. Alu­minum just feels smooth and cool in your hand, but I decid­ed to get the black mod­el because it seemed a bit less showy.

So far, so good!

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  • Oh my god, Ned­dy. It was just a mat­ter of time before you got one. Hel­lo Moto?
  • I know! Hel­lo Moto.
  • I’m prob­a­bly mak­ing an assump­tion that you use Cin­gu­lar, but did you look at the Nokia 6682? I know it’s a bit more expen­sive, but that Sym­bian OS real­ly is great… they have this app called Shozu that auto­mat­i­cal­ly posts to Flickr with­out hav­ing to email the pho­tos from the phone. It’s actu­al­ly my 2nd Sym­bian phone; I had the Nokia 6620 a lit­tle over a year ago and also liked it. They seem to have the best cam­eras I’ve found in a cell phone.

    Oh, I did have a SE 710a, but quick­ly grew tired of the rotat­ing design. It WAS pret­ty, though.
  • Yea, that is a sweet phone… but I got this on Craigslist for $200 in the box. Just pop the SIM card in, and go!

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