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links for 2006-03-29

  • Google combines job listings from around the web, in a searchable, mappable, friendly Google interface
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links for 2006-03-28

Hosted Gmail

Hosted GmailThis is fantastic – I’ve setup Hosted Gmail for our old domain,, and it’s working fantastic. I wish that I could use this at work, rather than Exchange/Outlook.

There are some nice account manangement functions, and you can create 25 accounts for free. They even allow you to upload a custom logo in place of the standard Gmail logo. Go sign up.

links for 2006-03-23

Hockey East Champs

Hockey East ChampsMy alma mater Boston University clinched the Hockey East Championship this past Saturday, winning in 2-1 OT against Boston College. Now, they’re off to the NCAA tournament, ranked #1 in the nation. They haven’t done that since 1997, when I was a sophomore, and had nothing better to do on Friday nights than go watch the games.

And, if that wasn’t enough, a guy who played on that 1997 team, Chris Drury, is captaining my hometown Buffalo Sabres this season. They’re near the top of the conference standings, and one of the most exciting young teams to watch. We’ve got seats at the Garden for Saturday night’s matchup with the Bruins.

BC sucks!

links for 2006-03-20

  • A free application launcher for Windows… I’ve been using CandyLabs’ AppRocket, but it seems to hog a lot of memory. So, I’m giving Launchy a try. [via]

links for 2006-03-18

No SXSW, but…

OK, so I’m jealous of all of you SXSW’ers out there… my Flickr Contacts feed has been full of SXSW antics… next year, I must go, (yea I’ve been saying that for years).



Meanwhile, back here in Boston, I’ve seen a couple of good shows. First up was Metric, at the Roxy, on March 7th. If you have the chance to see them on this tour, do yourself a favor and get a ticket. I’m not the only one who is impressed.

They’ve got the best frontwoman in Rock n’ Roll right now, (step aside Karen O), and are musically pretty tight. They played for about two hours, and invited chaos for security at the end of the set, when they welcomed audience members up on stage. Then, Emily dashed into the crowd for an impromptu meet-n-greet, which is something I have never seen at a rock show. Bravo!



The other show was this past thursday, at the Middle East UpstairsReverse, Scamper, and a couple other bands. Reverse is also very musically tight, and pretty rocki’… and, our workmate Ian is the singer/guitarist, so it was nice to come out and support him. We’ve seen Scamper before, opening for Kay Hanley, and I have to say that I enjoy them. They definitely fit the traditional “Boston” Indie power-pop sound, which I appreciate.

Back-Bay Apple Store, Part II

Boston Apple Store DesignSome details are finally starting to emerge surrounding Apple’s plans for the construction of a signature Flagship retail store in the Back Bay, Boston. IfoAppleStore reports that renderings of the proposed design have leaked (see left), and that the backward-looking Back Bay Architectural Commission has serious misgivings about the 3-story modern glass structure.

This is a shame… our wonderfully acerbic alternative newspaper, The Weekly Dig, said it better than I can:

Putting aside the mental gymnastics it takes to believe that one glass building would destroy the neighborhoody feeling of a three-lane boulevard that hosts a mall, a convention center and the city’s second-tallest tower, Apple’s run-in with the BBAC raises a more immediate question: Is a cabal of frigid elitists stifling Boston’s growth while they defend some bullshit Brahmin conception of what an ex-landfill should look like?

I sympathize with those urban planners and critics who reject the strip-mall/parking-lot 20th-century method of development – God knows, Boston is as pedestrian-friendly as any city in North America, and we’re better for it. But, there are many examples of new projects designed to mimic the look of 19th-century Boston, without succeeding in preserving any sense of neighborhood cohesion. One glaring example of this is the mammoth Hotel Commonwealth, in Kenmore Square, which I’ve commented on in the past. That building has as much “old-world charm”, as a 1970s-era French Tudor style suburban tract home.

Mandarin Oriental BostonWhat I find strangest of all, is that this is a relatively small parcel of land we’re talking about. Consider that on the very same block, across the street, Mandarin Oriental is building a huge hotel, in front of the Prudential Tower/Mall, at street-level.

If one of these developments is going to change the character of the neighborhood, I’d worry more about that project.

links for 2006-03-16

  • Seems like a straightforward resource for recruiting Voice Talents for various languages… the Talents pay a membership fee to the site, so there is no commission or fees for clients. And, many talents have access to their own studios, which is a nice ou
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  • Another recruitment tool for Voice Talents… The free client membership only allows you to manage 1 job – the full membership costs $99/yr.
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lockdownThanks Zooomer & OpenID… I signed up for you this morning, and Google suspended my Gmail access:

Lockdown in sector 4!

Our system indicates unusual usage of your account. In order to protect Gmail users from potentially harmful use of Gmail, this account has been disabled for up to 24 hours.

If you are using any third party software that interacts with your Gmail account, please disable it or adjust it so that its use complies with the Gmail Terms of Use. If you feel that you have been using your Gmail account according to the Terms of Use or otherwise normally, please contact us using this form to report this problem.

Fantastic… I fail to see how Flickr has some catching up to do, if Zooomer can’t manage to authenticate me without fracking up my email!

Now, it’s a waiting game. Anybody else have this problem?

UPDATE: 2 hours later, and I’m back in business…

UPDATE 2: Well, I’m pretty sure that Zooomer is the culprit. I tried to login to the service, using my Google (Gmail) account, and I was immediately locked out again. Frack you, Zooomer!


links for 2006-03-15

Yea, New York

hang onWe had a nice weekend in NYC… thanks Jenna, Becca, Jason, Matt, & Sharon.

Some observations:

  • Saw Mill Parkway is still the best path into the City. I love driving by Readers Digest HQ.
  • Bloody Marys are better when hand-made.
  • I can’t recommend the food at 7A. Or the service.
  • Don’t let your high school friends tackle you in the middle of Tompkins Square Park… your clothes will end up dirty.
  • I could spend every day in the Lotus Lounge on Clinton St… Coffee, Beer, wi-fi.
  • Starfoods has no other customers at 7:30pm on a saturday night… creepy.
  • Jason is a crazy MF, for almost walking us into the Armory Art Show on Pier 92, with little more than a piece of paper in his pocket. Keep your eye on that one.
  • I love the way delis in New York wrap up your coffees in a paper bag. So kind…
  • Fat Sal’s had a good slice.



It’s a nice day out!

links for 2006-03-09

  • “CL2 is closely, very closely, integrated with Gmail. It includes now-standard web 2.0 features – Ajax, subscription feeds for integration with iCal and other desktop calendars, event creation, search, sharing, notifications (including SMS) and more.”
  • I can’t imagine actually ditching Google for a Microsoft search product, but I must say that I am impressed with the Image Search functionality – using AJAX, they mimic the iPhoto/Picasa thumbnail view.

links for 2006-03-07

(Re) Launches

It’s the end of a week, so I thought that I’d note a few new things that I’ve seen this week.

First, Anna just launched Door Sixteen, which will document the renovation and restoration of the late-1800’s brick rowhouse just bought in Newburgh, NY. I used to read her old blog, Absolutely Vile, every day, so I’m glad to see that she’s back.

Veerle launched her redesigned blog this week, using Expression Engine and a whole lot of magic. A complete, beautiful piece of work, which makes my blog feel completely inadequate and irrelevant.

Last and certainly not least, Todd, (of the local food blog Eat and Destroy,) moved his old domain to the new, (and aptly named), (Nevermind that he previously moved to, from – make your freaking mind up, Todd…). He’s got some great scooting videos, the famous Peeps video, and a new feature – silk-screened T-shirts!