(Re) Launches

It’s the end of a week, so I thought that I’d note a few new things that I’ve seen this week.

First, Anna just launched Door Sixteen, which will document the renovation and restoration of the late-1800’s brick rowhouse just bought in Newburgh, NY. I used to read her old blog, Absolutely Vile, every day, so I’m glad to see that she’s back.

Veerle launched her redesigned blog this week, using Expression Engine and a whole lot of magic. A complete, beautiful piece of work, which makes my blog feel completely inadequate and irrelevant.

Last and certainly not least, Todd, (of the local food blog Eat and Destroy,) moved his old beansareevil.com domain to the new, (and aptly named), ScootAndDestroy.com. (Nevermind that he previously moved to beansareevil.com, from foodtastesgood.com – make your freaking mind up, Todd…). He’s got some great scooting videos, the famous Peeps video, and a new feature – silk-screened T-shirts!

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