No SXSW, but…

OK, so I’m jeal­ous of all of you SXSW’ers out there… my Flickr Con­tacts feed has been full of SXSW antics… next year, I must go, (yea I’ve been say­ing that for years).



Mean­while, back here in Boston, I’ve seen a cou­ple of good shows. First up was Met­ric, at the Roxy, on March 7th. If you have the chance to see them on this tour, do your­self a favor and get a tick­et. I’m not the only one who is impressed.

They’ve got the best front­woman in Rock n’ Roll right now, (step aside Karen O), and are musi­cal­ly pret­ty tight. They played for about two hours, and invit­ed chaos for secu­ri­ty at the end of the set, when they wel­comed audi­ence mem­bers up on stage. Then, Emi­ly dashed into the crowd for an impromp­tu meet-n-greet, which is some­thing I have nev­er seen at a rock show. Bravo!



The oth­er show was this past thurs­day, at the Mid­dle East UpstairsReverse, Scam­per, and a cou­ple oth­er bands. Reverse is also very musi­cal­ly tight, and pret­ty roc­ki’… and, our work­mate Ian is the singer/guitarist, so it was nice to come out and sup­port him. We’ve seen Scam­per before, open­ing for Kay Han­ley, and I have to say that I enjoy them. They def­i­nite­ly fit the tra­di­tion­al “Boston” Indie pow­er-pop sound, which I appreciate.

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