Hosted Gmail

Hosted GmailThis is fan­tas­tic — I’ve set­up Host­ed Gmail for our old domain,, and it’s work­ing fan­tas­tic. I wish that I could use this at work, rather than Exchange/Outlook.

There are some nice account man­ange­ment func­tions, and you can cre­ate 25 accounts for free. They even allow you to upload a cus­tom logo in place of the stan­dard Gmail logo. Go sign up.

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  • Ouch, you had me going for a sec. Until I saw that it’s still in closed beta. I filled in the “I’m inter­est­ed” form a sec­ond time, and hope this is one of the things Google will launch on April 1.

    But thanks for the quick review (and get­ting my hopes up).
  • If you signed up today, you should get an invite soon!

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