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Let’s Go Sabres

It’s play­off time for the NHL, (though you’d nev­er know it here in Boston), and I am lov­ing what I see in my Buf­fa­lo Sabres. They’re up 2–0 in the best-of-sev­en series with the Fly­ers, after a bril­liant dou­ble-over­time win Sat­ur­day, and an 8–2 rout last night.

Best moment thus far was Buf­falo’s Bri­an Camp­bel­l’s clean hit of Philly’s RJ Umberg­er, in game 1:

I do feel bad for the guy, and I’m not cheer­ing for injury. But that is just great play­off hock­ey, and a big rea­son why Buf­fa­lo is up 2 games to none. And, Philly seems to be com­ing unglued. One Buf­fa­lo colum­nist com­pares Philly Coach Hitch­cock to Con­fed­er­ate Gen­er­al Pick­ett:

You remem­ber Pick­ett? He was the gen­er­al ordered to march his troops uphill through open fields on the final day of the Bat­tle of Get­tys­burg. Union sol­diers, strung across Ceme­tery Ridge, picked them off in droves. The Con­fed­er­ates nev­er had a chance.

The Fly­ers might as well come out for Game Three dressed in gray and whistlin’ Dix­ie. They’re no match for the team they are up against. Speed is the Sabres hill, their posi­tion of supe­ri­or­i­ty, and Philly lacks the artillery to mount a mean­ing­ful counter.

Let’s not get cocky now… TV cov­er­age is spot­ty, but you can check out Game 4 on April 28 @ 10:00pm ET, on OLN.

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  • Lets you install and run Win­dows XP on your Mac. Beta avail­able now, but the next major release of OS X will come with it built-in.


From Tabea:

Today at two min­utes and three sec­onds after 1:00, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

For Euro­peans, it will hap­pen on the 4th of May…

You’ll have to wait anoth­er 100 years to see that again. Watch the clock.

The New

The New York Times launched a mod­est redesign over the week­end, and it does a great job of pre­sent­ing large amounts of infor­ma­tion in a coher­ent, orga­nized way.


The new homepage of

Khoi has the details on his weblog:

I think it’s a ster­ling piece of work, a great exam­ple of how to evolve a user expe­ri­ence rather than rein­vent it: the best reac­tion it could receive from read­ers (those not among that van­ish­ing­ly small sub­set of the gen­er­al pop­u­lace who can be called “design savvy”) would be some­thing along the lines of “The new design looks just like the old design.” That would suit me fine, because it would sig­nal a con­ti­nu­ity that I think is com­plete­ly appro­pri­ate for such a close­ly watched site like The New York Times’, and besides, I know for a fact that it’s more ele­gant and more use­ful than it was before.

And though Khoi says that he is not respon­si­ble for the design, it’s clear to me that who­ev­er is was heav­i­ly influ­enced by his work – espe­cial­ly the recent re-launch of The Onion. Bra­vo!


hairJen­na bleached her hair, and I can tell she’s hav­ing more fun already.

(and yes, this is just a shame­less excuse to sex up the blog a bit…)

Google Romance

Google RomanceHey, sin­gle peo­ple! Find your soul mate, with Google Romance:

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Be sure to take the tour, and read the FAQ.