Let’s Go Sabres

It’s playoff time for the NHL, (though you’d never know it here in Boston), and I am loving what I see in my Buffalo Sabres. They’re up 2-0 in the best-of-seven series with the Flyers, after a brilliant double-overtime win Saturday, and an 8-2 rout last night.

Best moment thus far was Buffalo’s Brian Campbell’s clean hit of Philly’s RJ Umberger, in game 1:

I do feel bad for the guy, and I’m not cheering for injury. But that is just great playoff hockey, and a big reason why Buffalo is up 2 games to none. And, Philly seems to be coming unglued. One Buffalo columnist compares Philly Coach Hitchcock to Confederate General Pickett:

You remember Pickett? He was the general ordered to march his troops uphill through open fields on the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Union soldiers, strung across Cemetery Ridge, picked them off in droves. The Confederates never had a chance.

The Flyers might as well come out for Game Three dressed in gray and whistlin’ Dixie. They’re no match for the team they are up against. Speed is the Sabres hill, their position of superiority, and Philly lacks the artillery to mount a meaningful counter.

Let’s not get cocky now… TV coverage is spotty, but you can check out Game 4 on April 28 @ 10:00pm ET, on OLN.

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