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Adobe Flash Player 9

Prod­uct Man­ag­er Emmy Huang writes in the Adobe Devel­op­ment Cen­ter:

As we looked at our goals for Flash Play­er 9, how­ev­er, we real­ized that it would be too lim­it­ing to con­tin­ue to evolve the exist­ing engine. We want­ed to cre­ate a water­shed moment in the his­to­ry of Flash Play­er, and to deliv­er it we need­ed to be able to inno­vate with­out constraint.

As a result, Action­Script 3.0 is essen­tial­ly a full rewrite of the Action­Script engine. Action­Script 3.0 exe­cutes in a new, high­ly-opti­mized vir­tu­al machine known as AVM2, which we built for effi­cien­cy and per­for­mance. Although AVM2 will be the pri­ma­ry vir­tu­al machine for Action­Script exe­cu­tion going for­ward, Flash Play­er will con­tin­ue to sup­port the old­er AVM1 for back­wards com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with exist­ing and lega­cy content.

How­ev­er, in order to take advan­tage of the new fea­tures, we’ll have to wait for the release of Flash Pro­fes­sion­al 9, (or play around with an alpha patch for Flash 8), accord­ing to the FAQ:

Design­ers and devel­op­ers inter­est­ed in using new Flash Play­er 9 fea­tures are wel­come to explore the pub­lic alpha of Adobe Flash Pro­fes­sion­al 9 Action­Script 3.0 avail­able on Adobe Labs.

It’s curi­ous­ly timed… isn’t it unprece­dent­ed for Macromedia/Adobe releas­ing Play­er 9 almost a year in advance of Flash Pro­fes­sion­al 9? And, I don’t think that we’ll see wide-spread adop­tion until there is actu­al­ly some Flash 9 con­tent out there on the web. I’ll start pay­ing atten­tion in 2007.

Outlook 2007 & Gcal

I’m one of those stiffs who loves his Power­book, but is forced by neces­si­ty (and Cor­po­rate IT) to work in Win­dows XP and Out­look all day. Meet­ing requests come in and tasks are assigned, all using Out­look. How­ev­er, because I rely so much on Gmail in my per­son­al life, I store per­son­al events online with Google Cal­en­dar.

Every­thing works seam­less­ly on my mac, as Apple’s iCal soft­ware allows sub­scrip­tions. But there is no way to get Out­look 2003 to sync or share data in the iCal­en­dar for­mat… in fact, I think that Out­look stores its infor­ma­tion in some Microsoft pro­pri­etary for­mat, by default. I think you can import/export ICS files, but there is no sub­scrip­tion or pub­lish method.

Gcal Subscribe

Gcal allows subscriptions to iCalendar feeds

I shouldn’t for­get to men­tion the excel­lent open source project Remote­Cal­en­dars, which allows you to sub­scribe to iCal­en­dar feeds, with a bit of tweak­ing. But, this wasn’t quite what I craved – I want­ed to not only sub­scribe to my Gcal cal­en­dar, but also allow Gcal to pick up my work appoint­ments. That way, I can get reminders of ear­ly meet­ings, etc., when I’m away from my work desk.

Outlook 2007 beta 2

Enter the new Office beta. Not only is this ver­sion the Bravest Soft­ware Upgrade Ever, it also added a lot of great func­tion­al­i­ty to Outlook.

Out of the box, you can sub­scribe to iCal­en­dar feeds, such as those pro­vid­ed by Gcal, 30Boxes, or oth­er online apps. More impres­sive­ly, you can pub­lish your cal­en­dar to either your own Web­DAV serv­er, or to Office Online direct­ly. Then, you can sub­scribe to the pub­lished iCal­en­dar feed in any online cal­en­dars that sup­port the stan­dard. Out­look will peri­od­i­cal­ly update the pub­lished file as you make adjust­ments or addi­tions to your calendar.

Publish to Internet

Outlook 2007’s Publish to Internet feature

So, now I have access to both my per­son­al and work cal­en­dars at all times, no mat­ter where I am. (Hell, if I want­ed to pay Cin­gu­lar for band­width, I could use Gcal­Sync to push every­thing to my RAZR.)

The only real caveat is that you have to pub­lish your Out­look cal­en­dar with “Unre­strict­ed Access”—because Microsoft uses their LiveID tech­nol­o­gy to grant access on a per-user basis, and Gcal (or any oth­er ser­vice) won’t be able to authen­ti­cate unless it’s pub­lic. I’m not sure how secure this is yet, but for the moment I’m too in love with this set­up to let that both­er me.

Anoth­er minor caveat – you’ll have to unin­stall Acro­bat 6, as it caus­es Out­look to crash a lot.

Oth­er than that, it’s a pret­ty sta­ble beta.

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links for 2006-06-26

Bicy­cle Drift
Get that Fast & the Furi­ous Tokyo Drift action with your bike [via Yewknee]

The Cul­ture of Fugly
DxF is back, argu­ing against those who argue “bad design is good design”… I love the redesign.

Project Run­way to return on July 12
I became a fan mid­way through sea­son 2, so I can’t wait for the new crew. It’s a great real­i­ty show for cre­ative-mind­ed people.

Slate redesigns
More, more, more… and, huge-ass rollover menus.

Asobi Seksu @ Great Scott

Asobi Seksu

Yuki Chikudate and Asobi Seksu performing at Great Scott in Allston.

We went to The Plan at Great Scott on Sat­ur­day night to see the Brook­lyn band Aso­bi Sek­su — I got some good shots of them and two of the open­ing bands.

As I wrote ear­li­er, the new record Cit­rus is an incred­i­ble step for­ward for them, and the live show suc­ceed­ed in dupli­cat­ing the wash of gui­tars and noise, with­out com­plete­ly cov­er­ing up Yuk­i’s voice. They’re nice peo­ple, too.

The oth­er great thing dur­ing the set were the lights and smoke effects… so cool. The Plan peo­ple are real­ly show­ing up the old Cam­bridge clubs, because it was freak­ing cool.

links for 2006-06-19

2006 World Cup logoErik Spiek­er­mann trash­es the World Cup branding
All design­ers like to talk shit, but I think he’s just jeal­ous of the gig. [via]

It’s like Quick­sil­ver for Win­dows. [via]

Vox Invites

Six Apart has Opened Up Invites for Vox
Can I please have one? Thanks Matt!

Now, any­body want to upgrade me to a Stan­dard; account? ;-)

Diesel Sweeties

dump.gifI love Diesel Sweet­ies

I pre­fer to name my com­put­ers and devices after imag­i­nary girls who would nev­er go out with me.

Glass Candy

micNobuko and I went to see PDX’s Glass Can­dy play at Great Scott last night… wow, what a fun show.

It’s a three piece band, made up of a drum­mer, gui­tarist, and a glammed up blonde singer named Ida No. They use a lot of loops and beats, which mix with some relent­less drum­ming and No’s post-punk vocal stylings. She coos, she screams, and she mean­ders around the stage, barefoot.

And most of all, she makes white boys like me dance. She’s Deb­bie Har­ry on meth. What’s not to like?

My New York City friends can catch them tonight at Don Hill’s, with the Chro­mat­ics.

West Elm in the Fenway

West Elm in Boston!Appar­ent­ly, West Elm is com­ing to the Fen­way, in the new Trin­i­ty mixed-use com­plex under con­struc­tion between Boyl­ston & Brook­line Aves.

Our house is all IKEA, but if you have a bit more mon­ey to throw around, West Elm has some nice stuff.

The Omen

666Rat­ing: B+

So yea, I went to the movies on 6/6/06, to see the remake of The Omen. I was sur­prised to find the the­ater packed on a Tues­day night, but the full house added to the suspense.

Here’s my quick review: ready?

  • The sto­ry takes its time to devel­op, but its not “slow”.
  • The pro­duc­tion design was incred­i­ble, with on-loca­tion shoot­ing in Italy, Lon­don, and Jerusalem.
  • Julia Stiles is one of the bet­ter actress­es of her gen­er­a­tion, and it was inter­est­ing to see her play a wife and mother.
  • Why is the Roman Catholic hier­ar­chy always por­trayed as evil?
  • Kids are creepy.
  • Mia Far­row is creepy.
  • Why are hor­ror films all edit­ed like The Ring now?

links for 2006-06-07

Google Cal­en­dar Noti­fi­er Fire­fox Extension
Exact­ly what I need­ed — a lit­tle pop-up reminder for my gCal appointments.

Google Spread­sheets Announced
A lim­it­ed tri­al for now, though I was grant­ed access in less than 24 hours — sign up . Om won­ders if it’s a waste of time and talent.

Google AJAX Search API
The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less.

Copyrights Pressure

The New York Times dis­cov­ered every­body’s favorite cut-rate Russ­ian MP3 site… And appar­ent­ly, the Moscow-based busi­ness is hold­ing up Rus­si­a’s appli­ca­tion to the WTO, (nev­er­mind that it’s a total­ly legal ser­vice inside Russia).

In oth­er news, I found this BBC head­line humor­ous: Web­site back after Swedish raids — almost con­jures up visions of Viking mau­raders… any­way, The Pirate Bay is up, and the Swedes are start­ing to take to the streets. Stay tuned…

30 Rock

30rock_pre2.jpgNBC’s 30 Rock will be on in the fall
Star­ring Tina Fey, Tra­cy Mor­gan, Rachel Dratch, & Alec Bald­win. It could be the fun­ni­est thing on NBC next year, (sor­ry Scrubs), if not for this hor­ri­ble pro­mo­tion­al copy:

Wel­come to the set of The Girly Show, a fic­tion­al tele­vi­sion show that serves as the back­drop to Tina Fey’s new work­place com­e­dy. Liz Lemon (Fey) is The Girly Show’s head writer and is being pushed to the edge of rea­son by the show’s two stars and a demand­ing net­work hon­cho. In order for Liz to keep her job, and her san­i­ty, she has to bal­ance the egos, the man­dates and the neu­roses while main­tain­ing The Girly Show laughs. It won’t be easy! In this bold, star-stud­ded com­e­dy, any­thing can happen!

Nev­er­mind that — check out the video clip, and you’ll get a bet­ter idea. [via]

links for 2006-06-02

My new favorite home­town weblog Buf­fa­lo Ris­ing pours its heart out for the black and red, (maybe soon to return to the blue and gold?)

Was the 2004 Elec­tion Stolen?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. assem­bles and ana­lyzes the evi­dence — dis­turb­ing as it is, I don’t think it will stick. We got­ta be ready for ’08.

Al Gore’s pre­sen­ta­tion in An Incon­ve­nient Truth was designed and exe­cut­ed on Macs, using Keynote
“One of the great things about Keynote,” [copro­duc­er] Chilcott points out, “is that we could import and export video and images at extreme­ly high res­o­lu­tion to give the pre­sen­ta­tion an HD look.”

Links for 2006-06-01

The Movie Binge
From Memo­r­i­al Day to Labor Day, Matt Jacobs and the Movie Binge team will watch every major movie released, and blog about it. Matt was also inter­viewed on WNYC [mp3].

Yahoo! launch­es its YouTube killer — Yahoo! Video
TechCrunch has a nice roundup, but bemoans the deci­sion not to fold this func­tion­al­i­ty into Flickr. I’d rather see the Flickr folks imple­ment video shar­ing on their own — and design it more for their audience.

Else­wares — Inde­pen­dent Art & Design
A cat­a­log of unique prod­ucts from inde­pen­dent design­ers and entre­pre­neurs, (sim­i­lar to Etsy)

New to You, New to Me

A cou­ple of music things to post about today – some­thing new, and some­thingnew to me

Asobi SeksuAso­bi Sek­su – Cit­rus

The New York City band released their 2nd album this week, and it’s very good. They always remind­ed me of My Bloody Valen­tine meets Pizzi­ca­to Five, only bet­ter… and I absolute­ly love Sean McCabe’s art­work. Check them out on Myspace, or peep my shots of lead singer Yuki danc­ing with Jen­na.

Tilly and the WallTilly and the Wall – Wild Like Children

I am so not into Bright Eyes, but I love this band… The album reminds me of 60’s folk music, as sung by Oma­ha hip­sters. Vil­lage Indi­an has some MP3s and an inter­view, and you can check out the video for Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You to get the idea. If you liked Jen­ny Lewis’ solo album, you might like Tilly.