New to You, New to Me

A cou­ple of music things to post about today – some­thing new, and some­thingnew to me

Asobi SeksuAso­bi Sek­su – Cit­rus

The New York City band released their 2nd album this week, and it’s very good. They always remind­ed me of My Bloody Valen­tine meets Pizzi­ca­to Five, only bet­ter… and I absolute­ly love Sean McCabe’s art­work. Check them out on Myspace, or peep my shots of lead singer Yuki danc­ing with Jen­na.

Tilly and the WallTilly and the Wall – Wild Like Children

I am so not into Bright Eyes, but I love this band… The album reminds me of 60’s folk music, as sung by Oma­ha hip­sters. Vil­lage Indi­an has some MP3s and an inter­view, and you can check out the video for Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You to get the idea. If you liked Jen­ny Lewis’ solo album, you might like Tilly.

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