New to You, New to Me

A couple of music things to post about today – something new, and somethingnew to me

Asobi SeksuAsobi Seksu – Citrus

The New York City band released their 2nd album this week, and it’s very good. They always reminded me of My Bloody Valentine meets Pizzicato Five, only better… and I absolutely love Sean McCabe’s artwork. Check them out on Myspace, or peep my shots of lead singer Yuki dancing with Jenna.

Tilly and the WallTilly and the Wall – Wild Like Children

I am so not into Bright Eyes, but I love this band… The album reminds me of 60’s folk music, as sung by Omaha hipsters. Village Indian has some MP3s and an interview, and you can check out the video for Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You to get the idea. If you liked Jenny Lewis’ solo album, you might like Tilly.

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