Scooting in the Times


Mexican Matt looking happy as the ladies pile on.

Pres­ley sent me an arti­cle in the Sun­day New York Times about scoot­ing: Cheap, Chic and Socia­ble: The Buzz About Scoot­ers. I give the jour­nal­ist a lot of cred for accu­rate­ly cap­tur­ing the com­mu­ni­ty, (at least in nyc). I espe­cial­ly found this pas­sage funny:

Scoot­er own­ers will tell you that dri­vers on four wheels are clum­sy and often dis­re­spect­ful. “They park by feel in New York City,” said Peter Lut­jen, a book cov­er design­er. “They back up until they bump into some­thing, and if they bump into a scoot­er, it’s going down. So your option is, get knocked down on a reg­u­lar basis, or park on the side­walk and risk being ticketed.”

no kid­ding…

We’re plan­ning on head­ing down for the Rhode Island Ral­ly this week­end, (though I need to change my front brake cable, and find a truck to bor­row). Last year was a lot of fun — pho­tos here.

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