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The Good, The Bad And The Queen

Damon and Paul
photo by NME

The Offi­cial Blur mail­ing list announced today that Damon Albarn’s new project The Good, The Bad And The Queen, will per­form their first gig at a BBC fes­ti­val in Octo­ber. TGTBTQ is a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Albarn (Blur & Goril­laz), bassist Paul Simonon of The Clash, and gui­tarist Simon Tong of The Verve.

Damon is already set­ting expec­ta­tions high, accord­ing to the BBC:

It was “a sto­ry” rather than a band, said Albarn, adding he was “very, very proud” of the work, which will be per­formed on 26 Octo­ber at the Roundhouse.

It’s a very Eng­lish record. It’s the first time I’ve real­ly writ­ten about home since Park­life,” he said.

The sound of the com­po­si­tion was “very cos­mopoli­tan” with “a lot of songs that have got his­tor­i­cal sto­ries to them”, Albarn added.

A sin­gle will be released this fall, but the album isn’t due until 2007, pro­duced by Dan­ger Mouse. Check out the offi­cial web­site for more info and a teas­er video.

UPDATE: Scott at Stere­ogum post­ed with a YouTube link to the teas­er video.


Win­dows is dri­ving me insane at work — all of these lit­tle secu­ri­ty fix­es that get in the way of productivity.

Last Fri­day, I installed the lat­est Win­dows updates and reboot­ed at the end of the day. When I get to work and log in on Mon­day morn­ing, I get this secu­ri­ty warn­ing every time I click on a zip file:

Annoying IE/ZIP popup security warning

Inter­net Explorer
This page has an unspec­i­fied poten­tial secu­ri­ty risk. Would you like to continue?

Um, yes, permanently.

It only repros (so far) for ZIPs on net­work shares and mapped dri­ves. I’ve got Win XP SP2 & IE7… any ideas?

The Beatings

ErinI went to see Reverse play at Bil­l’s Bar Fri­day night, and got to catch The Beat­ings for the first time. They’re a four-piece indie-rock act from Boston that’s been around for a cou­ple of years, and they remind­ed me a lot of Hüsker Dü and the last Pix­ies album, Trompe le Monde.

It’s a pret­ty raw sound, but always melod­ic and direct. And I liked that the two gui­tarists and bassist each took turns at the mic — (no doubt they also share in song writing). 

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I’m post­ing this from inside Win­dows Live Writer, a new­ly released “weblog­ging” appli­ca­tion by Microsoft. It’s a slick lit­tle win­dows app, with sup­port for pub­lish­ing to Mov­able Type, Word­Press, as well as Live Spaces, by default.

Paul Sta­ma­tiou has an extend­ed review, but here are some of the features:

  • WYSIWYG Author­ing
  • Spell Check
  • Pho­to Publishing 
  • Map Pub­lish­ing, (via Live Local)
  • Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with Blog­ger, Live­Jour­nal, Type­Pad, Word­Press (and many others)

Also, like most good WYSIWYG edi­tors, it allows you to tog­gle over to HTML code view — (tak­ing a quick look at this post, I see that it writes pret­ty clean code).

Note: There is no sup­port yet for Tags, a new fea­ture in MT 3.3. (Cat­e­gories & Key­words are supported.)

More Infor­ma­tion & Download

UPDATE: Om has a nice review:

It is not often, I say good things about Microsoft prod­ucts, but with this free-blog­ging tool, I have to say: write on! …the soft­ware actu­al­ly lets you use your blog styles for edit­ing, has abil­i­ty to add plu­g­ins, and has an SDK to extend the func­tion­al­i­ty of the pro­gram. You can also swap out  Microsoft Maps for say Google Maps.

links for 2006-08-07

Behind the Type­face: Coop­er Black
Hilar­i­ous spoof of the VH1 sta­ple, with lots of inter­est­ing facts about a very famil­iar typeface.

Hel­veti­ca: the Film
A fea­ture-length inde­pen­dent film about typog­ra­phy, graph­ic design and glob­al visu­al cul­ture. Thank god for the Swiss.

John­ny Marr Joins Mod­est Mouse
Leg­endary Smiths’ gui­tarist had been writ­ing and record­ing with the band, but is now “a full blown mem­ber”, accord­ing to front man Isaac Brock.

OK GOHere It Goes Again video
Hilar­i­ous chore­og­ra­phy, OK music. I will nev­er look at a tread­mill the same again. [via Airbag]

New Brain Bucket

shoei rf1000 matte-black I decid­ed to splurge a lit­tle on myself this week­end, and buy a new hel­met for scootin’ — a Shoei RF-1000 in mat­te-black.

My orig­i­nal hel­met was a Kore­an HJC CL Max, with a flip-up chin bar — but it nev­er quite fit me right, and it looked mild­ly retard­ed, all shiny and bubbly.

Shoei’s designs are much more stream­lined and fit­ted. I love the mat­te black — first my RAZR, next this hel­met… the only thing left for me to buy is a Darth Book.

Con­tin­ue read­ing ‘New Brain Bucket’

ICA Boston


Photo, originally uploaded by droush16.

It looks like the new ICA on the South Boston water­front has to delay it’s Sep­tem­ber open­ing:

In inter­views yes­ter­day, ICA offi­cials, archi­tect Ricar­do Scofidio, and con­struc­tion com­pa­ny man­ag­er John Macomber said that the remain­ing work was not major. Among the pend­ing tasks—termed “minu­ti­ae” by one ICA trustee—was the need to test the building’s tick­et counter and cli­mate con­trol system.