Win­dows is dri­ving me insane at work — all of these lit­tle secu­ri­ty fix­es that get in the way of productivity.

Last Fri­day, I installed the lat­est Win­dows updates and reboot­ed at the end of the day. When I get to work and log in on Mon­day morn­ing, I get this secu­ri­ty warn­ing every time I click on a zip file:

Annoying IE/ZIP popup security warning

Inter­net Explorer
This page has an unspec­i­fied poten­tial secu­ri­ty risk. Would you like to continue?

Um, yes, permanently.

It only repros (so far) for ZIPs on net­work shares and mapped dri­ves. I’ve got Win XP SP2 & IE7… any ideas?

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  • Yep, Had the same prob­lem myself when access­ing VMWare mapped host dri­ves and right click­ing on a zip file (where zip files reg­is­tered to 7‑zip — not sure if that is relevant)

    Any­way, I not­ed that file man­ag­er showed the zone as “Inter­net Zone” instead of “My Computer”.

    Dou­ble click­ing on the icon, added \\.host\Shared Fold­ers to the intranet zone, and prob­lem went away.

    I sug­gest you add the servers you have mapped your dri­ves to to the intranet zone.

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