Windows is driving me insane at work — all of these little security fixes that get in the way of productivity.

Last Friday, I installed the latest Windows updates and rebooted at the end of the day. When I get to work and log in on Monday morning, I get this security warning every time I click on a zip file:

Annoying IE/ZIP popup security warning

Internet Explorer
This page has an unspecified potential security risk. Would you like to continue?

Um, yes, permanently.

It only repros (so far) for ZIPs on network shares and mapped drives. I’ve got Win XP SP2 & IE7… any ideas?

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  • Yep, Had the same problem myself when accessing VMWare mapped host drives and right clicking on a zip file (where zip files registered to 7-zip – not sure if that is relevant)

    Anyway, I noted that file manager showed the zone as “Internet Zone” instead of “My Computer”.

    Double clicking on the icon, added \\.host\Shared Folders to the intranet zone, and problem went away.

    I suggest you add the servers you have mapped your drives to to the intranet zone.

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