Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Lad Lit in Song

I always knew there was some­thing wrong with Nick Horn­by… now I have proof.

BU Central

Man, I’ve tak­en a long break from this site… a belat­ed wel­come back to all the col­lege kids—I almost for­got about all of you.

And since it’s the new school year, it’s also time for BU Cen­tral to start up. They host bands, come­di­ans and oth­er fun stuff that we nev­er had dur­ing our years there.

Rainer Maria

It makes me laugh when they pop up on Sir­ius Left of Cen­ter, as “up-and-com­ing”.



I real­ly don’t get what the buzz is about, but, I have to respect their live act. I’ve nev­er seen a room of kids go that apeshit over ukuleles.


Oth­er shows will be post­ed on their web­site, but a BU ID required to get in.