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Two New Free Downloads from Microsoft

Two great new free downloads from the Microsoft Mac BU this week:

Just doing their part to promote Mac & Windows cohabitation.

MTA Subway Map for iPhone

Since I bought my iPhone on June 30, I’ve been looking for an easy, high-quality method for viewing the MTA Subway map. The phone’s built-in Photo application “optimizes” all photos and images down to a dimension and resolution that doesn’t work well for images with lots of small text and details.


In search of the optimal iPhone MTA map.

What I wanted, was the ability to view a PDF, or large PNG of the system map – and to be able to zoom in and drag it around easily. Bill at outlined one such solution, which involved setting up a Yahoo! mail account, since IMAP mail accounts seemed to cache attachments locally on the iPhone. This did work for me, but I found the MTA’s PDF map sluggish when zooming or dragging around. And, I had to drill back through the Mail menus to get to my Yahoo mail account, (as I’m primarily a Gmail user).

But, before I could go out and buy a old-fashioned paper pop-up map, another solution presented itself:

Filemark Maker gets around the limitations outlined above, by writing files to a temp location on the device’s HD, by using Safari bookmarklets. Then, the files are accessible in MobileSafari. And, because the files are written to iPhone’s HD, the bookmarklets work whether you’re online or not – or whether you’re above ground or not.

Here are the MTA Subway Maps that I used to make bookmarklets using this tool:

Good Deed of the Day

I’m doing some coding (and drinking iced coffee) today at Darwin’s, near Harvard Square – and I did the unthinkable. I found a Nikon D80 (with a nice lens) left behind by another customer, and I turned it in to the staff.

Yea, I surprise myself sometimes.

Puppy vs. Kitty

We had our moving sale this weekend, on our front stoop – and we even put Katya (our five-year old kitty) in her harness and leash, to walk around the yard.

So, today is cat day! May I present, “Puppy vs. Kitty”:

Moving Sale

IKEA Rakke wardrobeLisa and I are packing up our Cambridge apartment in advance of our move to Brooklyn in early August. As such, we are getting rid of a lot of stuff – most of the big stuff is IKEA related.

We’re going to be doing the yard sale thing tomorrow morning, and maybe sunday as well. For more info, map, etc. check these out:

Smith Street Confronts the Corporate Takeover

Ooh, Cobble Hill folks are worried that their neighborhood is losing its charm, as cookie-cutter shops are opening along Smith St.

Good thing our new apartment is closer to the Gowanus and the BQE…

Blogging for 7 years?

I’m totally getting old! I just realized that I missed my “blogging” anniversary… On this past July 11, this site hit the 7 year mark.


FIrst Post? It was about that brick of a digital camera (point-n-shoot) that I bought that summer.

My original weblog was on blogger, and then was migrated to a, when we set up the suckahs domain in July 2001. (More on that here.) In February 2005, I decided to split it out into the domain I use today.

“Designed Deterioration”, and the return of Links

Now that I have 2 days left at my current job, and a big move to NYC coming, I’m going to attempt to post more often. A new design for the weblog is also in the works, but not sure when I’ll get to it.

In that spirit, I found myself reading and re-reading Khoi’s recent post about how we value objects that deteriorate in a cool way. Khoi is far more eloquent than I can be, so just go there and read it:

So far, I’ve resisted the urge to get a case for my iPhone, but I know that regret will set in the moment that i drop the thing for real.

Also, I used to just have dump my bookmarks into a post on the Weblog, but once a day is way too much… and, there are plenty of things that I don’t want/need in my weblog.

Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling that way – Andre Torrez came up with a nice filter between and our weblogs –

I customized his work a bit, which you can see here. Well done.

Now, I’ve got to make this thing worth checking in on (or subscribing to) again.


Anybody got a Pownce invite? Pretty please?

UPDATE: All set, thanks Rich!