Designed Deterioration”, and the return of Links

Now that I have 2 days left at my cur­rent job, and a big move to NYC com­ing, I’m going to attempt to post more often. A new design for the weblog is also in the works, but not sure when I’ll get to it.

In that spir­it, I found myself read­ing and re-read­ing Khoi’s recent post about how we val­ue objects that dete­ri­o­rate in a cool way. Khoi is far more elo­quent than I can be, so just go there and read it:

So far, I’ve resist­ed the urge to get a case for my iPhone, but I know that regret will set in the moment that i drop the thing for real.

Also, I used to just have dump my book­marks into a post on the Weblog, but once a day is way too much… and, there are plen­ty of things that I don’t want/need in my weblog.

Appar­ent­ly, I’m not the only one feel­ing that way — Andre Tor­rez came up with a nice fil­ter between and our weblogs -

I cus­tomized his work a bit, which you can see here. Well done.

Now, I’ve got to make this thing worth check­ing in on (or sub­scrib­ing to) again.

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