First Week in Carroll Gardens

We arrived last Wednes­day, and unpack­ing is an ongo­ing project. We sold, gave away, or threw out most of our “big stuff”, so this move is not only about a new space, but also a lot of new pur­chas­es. A lot of the stuff we got rid of was from our col­lege days, and had also already made it through our fire.

Room & Board sofaI’m most excit­ed about our new sofa, which Lisa bought from Room & Board in SoHo. Thanks to Jason and Liz for tip­ping us off to this place – we loved every­thing we saw there. Their fur­ni­ture man­ages to be very mod­ern with­out look­ing uncom­fort­able or annoy­ing. (Of course, we real­ized lat­er that we chose the same sofa as the Yovanoff-De Mase home… but hey, good taste is good taste, right?

New homeThe oth­er cool thing is that we now have a kitchen counter to sit at, (which is com­plete­ly obscured by the box in the pho­to at left). But, we need­ed stools. We noticed a typo in the newest West Elm cat­a­log, where they list­ed their over­lap­ping square barstool + coun­ter­stool for $229 each, or $249 for a pair… with no sur­charge. So, we of course bought 2 pair, despite only hav­ing counter space for 3 of these, com­fort­ably. Hel­l­l­l­looooo Craigslist – I encour­age you to try to get the same deal, because it like legal stealing.

Ooh. Now we need a tv.We also bought the new TiVo HD, as the Time Warn­er man is com­ing Fri­day. Every­one in New York tells me that they don’t watch TV - what’s wrong with you peo­ple? Nice thing about the new TiVo is that it sup­ports Cable Cards, so we won’t need a sep­a­rate Cable box. The not nice thing is that I can’t afford to buy a LCD TV yet, so we’re stuck with this deep CRT pok­ing out into the room for now.

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