iPhone 1.1.1 and 3rd Party Apps

iNdependence for iPhone
It ain’t pretty, but I used this to upgrade to the 1.1.1 firmware, and then to manually copy installer.app onto the phone. Hello 3rd-party apps!

Beware, this is a lot more complicated than the way things were, before 1.1.1.

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  • Hey, I used the same (iNdenpendence to the 1.1.1 firmware). I tried to manually copy apps (installer and other) into the phone. They dont show up on the phone though they are in application folder with the right permissions. Any ideas?

  • There are two accounts, root and mobile, each with different passwords:

    usr: root
    pass: dottie

    usr: mobile
    pass: alpine

    I think that I had to use the mobile credentials when I copied Installer.app onto the phone. Try that!

  • Hey Nedward ;)
    Thanks for the info. I’ve done that too (mobile credentials) I was able to copy installer into the iphone but still nothing showing on the “desktop”.

  • hmm, and the app shows up in the list of apps on the phone?

    I had to follow the instructions very precisely. The only advice that I can offer is to try following it again… use it to downgrade, and go through the process again to upgrade to 1.1.1, and jailbreak/activate/etc.

    Good luck!

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