Apple Picking


We went Apple Picking upstate, in Warwick, NY. Jason and I discovered something more challenging than chucking apples at each other – spearing them with a stick, and then attempting to fling them at each other. The one pictured above is bouncing violently towards me.

It’s been 3 years since we last went apple picking.

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It all comes down to this.

1.5 hours of meandering through New Jersey and New York, and we arrive – and they’re out of apples! Stupid Applewood Orchard. Luckily, some 11 year old tipped us off to Masker’s Orchard, across town.



cute shrug


UPDATE: Some photos from Lisa:

Apple Picking

Apple Picking, originally uploaded by presley.

New Game

New Game, originally uploaded by presley.


Catch, originally uploaded by presley.

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